life list

Something you should know about this list:

It is not a Bucket List. These items aren’t things we need to cross off before we die, they are things we’d like to do. We won’t look back at our life together with disappointment if we fail to achieve an item on the list.

Will we accomplish everything on here? Probably not. But so what? This list simply exists as a collection of things we’d like to accomplish and if writing them down and putting ‘em on the fridge helps us achieve some of them then that’s great. And if it doesn’t, then that’s okay too.

This type of list should never make you feel guilty about not accomplishing something. It’s merely there to serve as a compass, a motivation, a reminder to hold on to your dreams, both big and small.

Also, we fully expect for this list to change as we do.

This list does not dictate, but rather reflects, our life.


  • germany/wwii sightseeing/concentration camps/anne frank house-netherlands
  • washington dc (and the holocaust museum)
  • ellis island
  • ireland
  • machu picchu
  • italy [completed Sept. 2014, also visited france & england]
  • greece
  • travel “West”
  • the ocean, any ocean (this will forever be on the list!)


  • swim with stingrays/dolphins/manatees
  • pick blueberries
  • swim in a waterfall
  • picnic in a park
  • attend an auction | flea market | estate sale
  • snorkel or scuba [Oct. 2011 – Hawaii]


  • live in a big city  [completed Sept. 2011 – Minneapolis]
  • get married [completed Sept. 2011]
  • have an amazing bathtub (whirlpool…i vote yes!)
  • own a “good” camera [completed July 2013 – birthday gift] & be able to use it manually (working on that part)
  • have a family tree of both my side and the Mr.’s side (for ourselves and curiosity of our future LOs)

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