We Did! – the return of Mr. C & Me, the new Mrs.C

Welcome back!

“Mr.C & Me” are finally married and it was absolutely wonderful! All worries about the weather were for naught, the ceremony brought our guests to tears, and our “fauxtobooth” was a great addition. The flowers looked phenomenal, the food was scrumptious, and the party was pumpin’ all night long! We have tried to catch as many people as possible to say thank you – but if we missed you… THANK YOU!!!!! It was a day (and well, weekend!) we will never forget!

So without further ado (we thank you for the 4 days you have so patiently waited) here is the final recap of W-Day/Wedding Weekend/Carty Party/Best Day Ever etc:

Thursday, Sept. 15

Mr.C….went off to work as usual, arriving back home around 9:30pm only to hop back into the car so we could drive back “home” to Mt.C

Me….woke up, ran around apartment like chicken with its head cut off, packed as much as possible, ran through the checklists a few times (okay more like 7x….), scarfed down lunch, spent hours sitting on the floor surrounded by printer paper&markers trying to finish signage for the big day, did some dishes and laundry, hurried through last minute details until Mr.C came home and we sped off to Illinois

Friday, Sept. 16

Mr.C & Me…. arrive in Mt.C at 4am. Exhausted. Set Alarm. Fall Asleep.

(later in the morning)

Wake up without alarm clock at 9:20ish. Damn. Alarm didn’t go off as planned. Realize Mr.C has now basically missed his hair cut appointment. Call to reschedule. Realize that “Me” is supposed to be at the ceremony venue in half hour with her Mama to decorate. Needless to say no supplies, props, flowers or anything are prepared to transfer to the venue for 10am setup. Ooops.

“Mr.C & Me” say goodbye and split up. “Me” throws clothes on, tossing things in the car, grabs Mama and heads out to set up the ceremony venue.

After 2 hours, a hungry Mama and Me dash off to meet Maid of Honor E (MOH-E) for a quick lunch a Taco Bell/KFC then back home to pack up the car again, this time to decorate the reception space.

Decorate from 2pm-5:15pm. Realize we forgot filler for the bottom of the candle jars, hit up the grocery store, buy green split peas (we liked it better than rice or sand).

Race home, change clothes, head back out to ceremony venue for rehearsal at 6pm. Mr.C & Me reunite and with the help of Master of Ceremonies, C., start the rehearsal on time.

Thankfully, it went smoothly (thanks to the help of MMP from TLP! you know who you are!) and we were able to get everything organized in an hour. Finally time to relax and enjoy time with friends and family at the rehearsal dinner – special thanks for the awesome people at Sievert’s! Great pizza, bread&cheese, etc as always!

So, from 8pm – 10:30ish, we eat, drink, laugh, and pose for many a photo. Then Mr.C & Me head back to the house with a few friends to de-stress with a few rounds of the card game Rage and board game Scattergories.

Mr. C being ridiculous after dinner…

Around midnight we all turn in. It’s gonna be a big day tomorrow!

Saturday, Sept. 17 (the BIG DAY!!)

Mr.C & Me wake up at who knows when, I barely remember, lets say like 9am-ish. Basically, we go crazy, there is still stuff to be done – like hanging signs, getting the cake frosted at put at the reception, boutonnieres and bouquets need to be assembled and made, etc etc. Thankfully with friends and family to help out we are able to get things accomplished eventually. Mr.C & I split up and Mr.C spends his day hanging up signs and helping our amazing cake makers S&B finish the cake and cupcakes and transport them to the venue. My Mama heads out with my Brother to the reception to finish last minute details while I run around the house, still in my jimmy-jams (PJs), at noon, trying to make 7 bouts & 6 bouquets.

Finally realize I can’t do it alone, I call Mr.C, who calls in the calvary – his sisters A&O. Could not have done the flowers without you! (well and without my mama, who grew them all herself and rescued them a few days prior the wedding from frost – thanks mom!)

Anyway, A&O helped me knock out the flowers in record time (less than an hour) and kept me sane when we ran out of ribbon….twice!! With their assistance, we got it all done, and I was still able to make my hair appointment one time (1pm).

Finally being able to catch my breath, we lounged at the hair salon of the amazing Sherri, while she managed to work magic on me, MOH-E, and BM-F (bridesmaid F). We looked hawt yah’ll!

It was especially nice, as we did each others make up, to spend time with our good friend, B., who had flown all the way in from Florida for the wedding and a vacation to visit her family. We were happy to see her!! After the hair was done, we grabbed last minute supplies from the house, and scurried out the venue at 3:30pm. With pictures starting at 4pm, we go dressed and the whirlwind began.

My dress looked stunning, and Mr.C, trying to catch a peak, stopped by the dressing room to drop off a pre-ceremony gift. No worries we didn’t let him in the door!! But the present was sweet – DKNY Be Delicious green perfume that I always stole a spritz of whenever we were shopping in Kohl’s. Love it! Needless to say I practically doused myself it before the ceremony!

Our photographer showed up right on schedule, and we started immediately – first with photos of Mr.C & Me doing a “first look”, followed by wedding party photos, and finishing off with pictures with the Fam. We won’t get the offical pro pics back for a month or two, but our photog was kind enough to post a few sneak peeks that we are happy to share with you:

Our friends and family also took many photos but sadly we cannot post all the photos here. Feel free to add either one of us on Facebook to view more pictures. We also promise that once all of our pro pics are back we will post more images and the link to where you can purchase them from the gallery! Anyway, continuing on!

At 6pm we went hid inside. It was at this time that my 5 1/2 inch heels began to rebel and I decided, after wearing them for all our pre-ceremony photos, that I was going to die if I had to wear them anymore. Hence, why I look shorter (aka my normal height haha) in all of the following photos. Note to fellow brides: only wear shoes in photos that will actually show them off – otherwise buy ones that super comfy…or just don’t wear any at all! Going barefoot for the ceremony and reception was the best decision I could have made. Anyway, back to wedding coverage!

After our guests had arrived we began the ceremony at 6:30pm.

On stage at TLP – Master of Ceremonies, C., officiates and delivers his welcoming speech.

Brother does a reading from the comic strip “Calvin and Hobbes”, which is then followed by very sweet words from our amazing officiant (and friend!) C. It is then time for declaration of intent, vows, and the exchanging of rings.

Then a hand-fasting ceremony is performed.

And finally, we round off the ceremony with a bit of audience participation. Joining our officiant, the entire audience then pronounced us married! It was by far the coolest thing ever!

“We, your family and friends, now pronounce you married! You may kiss the bride!”

After introducing us as Mr.&Mrs.C, we headed out into the night for a quick receiving line. Then it was off to the reception!

Well…. not until we filled up!

Yeah….Ryan forgot his overnight back at his house and since Mobile’s right across the street I told him I’d just fill it while he grabbed his bag. Makes for a great photo-op, no?

So, with a full tank, it’s off to the reception, where we ate, drank, ate more (cake, yumm!), posed in the fauxtobooth, and of course- danced the night away. The photos speak for themselves….

All in all it was the perfect night! Exactly what we had hoped for – and more. Even Mr.C remarked, a day or two after we had turned to our apt. in Minneapolis, “That was so awesome…lets do it again!” Haha. Vow renewal party anyone?!

Anyway, as the party wound down – we said goodbye to friends and family, danced our last dance, and drove off to catch some Z’s.

Sunday, Sept. 18

Waking up, I pulled the zillion bobby pins out of my hair, conditioned it twice to get out all the hair spray, and dressed quickly with Mr.C rushing me out the door to meet our friends, family, and out of town guests for brunch. It was delicious. And I ate a lot of bacon. Yum.

After brunch, our party had begun to dwindle so only a small group came back to the house to eat leftover cake (double Yum), hang out, and watch as we opened gifts. Finally, it was time for everyone to go. We said our goodbyes, packed the car, headed over to Mr.C’s house for a quick dinner (thanks!!), finish packing the car, and start the trek back to Minneapolis. It was 6:30pm-ish when we left and we did not arrive back at the apartment until 1am. Of course, we had a few little stops along the way – gas, snacks, oh yeah and stopping only an hour from the city to MacGyver a piece of plastic that was dragging under the car. A few minutes prior we had smoked a poor raccoon (honestly though, it was built like a freakin’ bear!!) on the highway (sorry dude!) and he apparently did a little damage. Luckily nothing major.

Oh yeah, and it had been raining so before we could get the duct tape to stick we had to dry off the bottom of the car with the only thing we had in the trunk…. a hand towel from our brand new set. Hah! So thanks, B.A.Jones, your wedding gift has already been put to good use! And no worries, all the dirt washed out and it’s as good as new.

Finally, with the car “fixed”, we arrive at the apartment, unpack our goodies, and fall into bed – tired but very content. It was an incredible weekend! And we’re pretty sure it was the best wedding ever…though we may be biased.

All right, well this ends your weekend wedding coverage. Thanks for joining us. Tune in to our next blog post where we will recap the four days post-wedding. Have a pleasant day!

Signing off, Mr.C & Me

P.S. Photo credits in this post go to: our photographer (Elizabeth Albers Photography), Bridesmaid F, our cake makers S&B, Mr.C’s cousin Trent, my mama, and M.Lockwood. We thank you all!

P.S.S. for those of you who did not check back to our wedding website, there was a major thank you posted on there a few days ago. to make it easier (and to make sure we definitely did thank you we are reposting it here…enjoy….)


Hello Carty Party Partiers,

You people are gorgeous.

Thank you for making the wedding so wildly wonderful — and for MAKING the wedding.

From the cake to the gorgeous homegrown flowers to the decorations to Megan’s hair to the ceremony wording to the photos to the music to the ceremony to the post-partying cleanup to Megan’s dress to our very existence (separately, thank you parents; and together, thank you family & friends) to the DIY projects, to all the tiny drudgeries, unlauded but entirely necessary, that you all dispatched with patience and enthusiasm – you all MADE the celebration and we couldn’t be happier!

We had a complete blast, from the rehearsal dinner ’til the last song at the reception. We hope you all had as much fun as we did. Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate with us this weekend and to all those who were there in spirit.

Love – Mr. & Mrs. C

P.S. and as soon as the photos begin to roll in we will share them on our blog so be sure to stay tuned! 



2 thoughts on “We Did! – the return of Mr. C & Me, the new Mrs.C

  1. I had never read this post before, and your wedding sounds SO fun! :) I think it suited y’all perfectly, and was a great twist on “traditional” weddings, or at least what I know to be traditional. I LOVE that the entire audience pronounced you married – that might be the most adorable thing EVER.

    • it was SO fun! :) we put a ton of thought into it and had so many people contributing to make it exactly what we wanted – a mix of traditonal+offbeat goodness. honestly, when the entire audience pronounced us married was probably one of my favorite parts of the wedding.

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