In case we’ve never met, you need a refresher course, or you are simply one of our many beloved stalkers/friends/family…


the blog:

“Mr.C & Me” is a life-style blog that began as a way to capture and share our adventures as not-so-newlywed high school sweethearts.

Originally intended to keep our friends and family in the loop, this blog has developed into so much more + over the course of blogging we’ve picked up a few extra readers, made many new friends, & realized what a treasure these documented memories have become.

IMG_1546the two of us:

Mr.C & I met 13 years ago when he moved from Indiana to my small hometown in Illinois. We started dating Nov. 2003 and never looked back. After spending 4 years together in high school + 4 years apart at different colleges, we got married after graduation and moved up to MN to start our next big adventure.

We currently reside in a one-bedroom apartment in the ‘burbs. We both enjoy a good meal (especially when it’s fondue, Chipotle, or steak), watching movies & (a little too much) TV, riding roller coasters, zombies, the ocean (who doesn’t?!), playing euchre, and geocaching.

Picfdfsadsture 6

mr.c: husband, blog sidekick, video gamer, football fan, talented card player, movie + tv quote master, optimist, jokester, pizza lover

college major: sports & recreational mgmt

work past: assistant to the youth director at the YWCA

work present: returns coordinator at the distribution center of a really great company

me: wife, blogger, reading fiend, master avoider of chores, and happily addicted to thrift stores, WWII, Star Wars, and music

college major: psychology, dabbled in art

work past: box office agent at the Brave New Workshop

work present: recruiter who helps find + place top engineering talent in the automation

If you’re new to our blog you can quickly catch upon all of our past shenanigans here:
2011 / 2012 / 2013 / 2014 / 2015 / 2016

So there you have it! We are very happy to have you here. ❤


9 thoughts on “about

    • haha “@ you know where I blog, duh!”. love it.

      uhm, my bog button that is a realllly good question. i’ll email it you – i’ve been changing blog layout so often i may have misplaced it!

    • Thanks for stopping by! And a double date sometime would be fun. :) And long distance is so hard isn’t it? But worth it in the end! You learn a lot about yourself and how to live independently yet still together… if that makes sense. I like that it encouraged us to work on our relationship but also to continue building up our own likes, hobbies, friend-base etc.

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