Newly Moved Nearly Weds


First, our apologies for taking so long to update again. We are currently without internet in our apartment and have had to resort to finding coffee shops or a McDonald’s with free wifi. We hope to be online in our apartment soon! Thanks for being so patient.

Now, on to the good stuff you’ve all been waiting for!


As of noon on Thursday, Mr.C and I are the official renters of a small studio apartment, in the Lyndale neighborhood, near downtown Minneapolis. The apartment building was built in the 1920’s and the owners have maintained most of the original “charm” (read as: fabulous hardwood floors in the rooms, porcelain sinks/baths and fixtures, glass door knobs, but also smelly hallway carpet and old windows that barely open any more).

outside of the building:

After meeting with the property manager and getting our keys, we immediately unloaded the contents of the car onto the floor of our apartment. It took us less than an hour to (finally!) have an empty car again for the first time in 3 days. Hurray for being able to look out the back window again!

Our plan was to start unpacking in our new place right away, but after feeling the intense heat in our new “studio sauna”, our enthusiasm rapidly declined and we decided  a better choice of action would be to hit up a local Walmart for fans and groceries. In our rush to cool down the room, we forgot to check to see if the fridge was plugged in. So, our Walmart trip was cut short and we headed home with only a box fan, assortment of cleaning supplies, household essentials, and nonperishable food items. And of course, upon returning home we found that our property manager had actually plugged in the fridge for us. Oh well, looks like another trip to Walmart later….

After deciding to wait until later in the day to return to Walmart for food, we cranked up the fan and attempted to open windows in our apartment (2 were stuck, one was painted shut, the other didn’t have a screen – you get the idea) we jumped straight into unpacking and “setting up house”.

Below, you will find before and after photos of our new place! And word of warning, we took some pictures while the bed was against the window and others when it was moved to its final resting spot in the corner, so that accounts for the differences in the photos. Hopefully doesn’t confuse you too much. Our apartment consists of 1 bathroom, 1 large closet, 1 small cut out with two doors that could house a murphy bed, 1 kitchen with small eating area, and the main living room/bedroom.

Before cluttering the place up:

main room/living room/bedroom


view of main room from kitchen


full fridge!


uber full closet



wood floors


A few hours pass as Mr.C and I fix up the place and soon we have had enough of the heat and figure it’s as good a time as any to head back to Walmart for groceries. After soaking up as much air conditioning as possible, we begrudgingly return to the apt. laden with bags.

final trip to walmart that day

Too hot and tired to cook, we hit up McDonald’s for dinner and borrow their free wifi. Upon our return home, Mr.C and I attempt to relax with video games (Mr.C) and a book (for me) when we realize we left the tv stand at home. wah wah wahhhhh…. so sadly no video games for Mr.C. Too exhausted to deal with the many frustrations of the day, we decide just go to bed for some much deserved sleep.


The Mr. and I wake on Friday in a tired and cranky state. Neither of us slept very well due the hotness of our apartment. Going to sleep sweaty and waking up sweaty = a not very happy couple. Even after a cold shower the night before and an equally cold shower Friday morning, neither of us could take the heat. So, packing up our laptops we headed to my university’s lounge to borrow the internet for a few hours. However our departure to AC/internet freedom was delayed 3 minutes when in our frustration we realized we had left an entire package of chicken, in the hot car, over night. We had been so tired the night before we hadn’t even noticed that it didn’t make it inside with us.    After that slight hair-pulling incident, we trashed the chicken and headed off to enjoy the perks of civilization and Facebook. Around lunch we bit the bullet and trekked back to the hot apartment to eat a hurried lunch (on the kitchen floor) before jumping back in the air conditioned car on a quest for a window air conditioner and cheap furniture at IKEA.

lunch on the floor

Now, I for one love (loveloveLOVE!) IKEA. I would live there if I could. Bold prints, clean lines, modern furniture, hell, modern everything! Definitely my design esthetic. Sadly, due to lack of room in the apartment, I settled for daydreaming. Below are a few photos of things that caught my eye:


amazing lighting

cool low bed

fab fixture

After basking in the genius of the IKEA style gods, we picked up a $2 wastebasket, $5 toolkit, and $3 shower curtains.  However, our best find of the day, and the one we are most proud of, is our “kitchen set” – 4 sleek black fold up chairs at $10/ea and a small table ($6 for the table top, $3.50/ea for the legs). The table is actually a desk we found out later, but we don’t mind because it fits perfectly in kitchen’s eating area.

Before heading back to the apartment, we make a quick stop at Best Buy and pick up a reasonably priced, highly recommended AC window unit. Mr.C figured spending a few extra bucks for a cool room beats a cranky wife-to-be. Though in all fairness, the heat wasn’t treating him to kindly either! haha

Once things had cooled off, we set our sights on dinner and a half hour later sat down for our first meal at home. Four cheese alfredo pasta with shrimp and green beans.

cookin’ din

first dinner at the ‘ol apartment



Slept in. Finally! After a few days on the road, a hot restless night, and early mornings due to moving in and errands, we were more than happy to kick back and enjoy the arctic air of our apartment. After a leisurely morning, we zipped over to Mr.C’s uncle’s to retrieve the microwave and toaster we had stored there and to borrow the internet of course. Stopping by Office Depot on the way home yielded a fantastically reviewed, half price printer for all my grad school “bidness”.

Came home (Mr.C says he really likes being able to say that – home) and decided to make a quick pizza for dinner before one of Mr.C’s old friends, N, from Luther College, came over to visit. Pizza for dinner turned into quite the fiasco. First the apparently too big baking sheet wouldn’t fit in the oven; second cranking up the oven to the suggested 450 deg. proved too much – heat filled the room and the silly fire alarm went off. Scrambling to turn it off we realize it has been wired into the ceiling and painted shut so we can’t even take out the batteries. Take two involved opening as many windows as we could (one!) and turning on the box fan. Mr.C stood on a chair for about 5 mins holding the fire alarm off until the room could clear out. On top of that, we had wanted to make cookies for N’s visit and so we turned the oven as low as we could and keep the windows up. Some how we were able to pull off three batches without another alarm incident.


While we waited for the cookies to be done we whipped up a quick budget to keep us on track with our spending. How adult of us.

Around 8 or 9pm, N showed up and we were happy to see her. We talked, gave her the grand tour, and squeezed around the kitchen table to play her favorite card game, “Fluxx”, and our new favorites, “Rage” and “Munchkin Zombies”. So fun! Sad to see N go but we are planning on hopefully having a group of Ryan’s old friends and some of N’s friends over next weekend for an apartment warming party.

game night!

Sleeping in again = bliss.
Leisurely brunch at home then off to the park and Minnehaha Falls. Major gorgeous day,  jeans and t-shirts, bright sky and super fluffy clouds.

Minnehaha Falls

more of the falls

view from the top of the falls

playing at the bottom of the falls/creek

bridge over the creek

ryan said i should just walk across the creek to meet him on the other side. yeah…that was a great idea *thanks deep water

totally soaked

oh well! we enjoyed ourselves

the most adorbz little boy

view over the Mississippi river

Arriving home, we laid down for a quick rest just to get off our feet. It lasted for 2.5 hours! Unexpected naps are the best when you have no plans for the rest of the day. After waking up at 6:40pm, we snack, lounge, read, and watch our only DVD, Ratatouille, on a laptop before bed.

Monday (Labor Day)
Sleeping in again for the last time. Tuesday is the beginning of “real life” with work for Mr.C and class for me. We decide to spend our last free day until next weekend, walking around the neighborhood and downtown Mini Apple (apparently, it’s a nickname for Minneapolis not only for its fun twist on the word but also for the strong presences of the theater in the city – just like NYC/Big Apple). Without internet (we have been unplugged from the world for the past 2 days, out of part laziness to find internet and part we just don’t care anymore), we rely on the free map of downtown we got on the mail. With a purse full of PB&Js, cookies, and the map, we head off in a random direction – first scouting out a walking route to my school, then the quickest way to downtown.

community garden a block from our apt.

Wandering the streets we see the tall skyscrapers mixed with old stone churches from the 1800s, modern condos and old Victorian homes, a kiosk to rent bicycles to explore the city, and the skyways that link the buildings so one can avoid going outside too often in the chilly winters.

reflection of clouds in buildings

cool building with sheet music painted on the side


Only a few blocks from downtown, Mr.C spots a small park to our left and once out of earshot, recalls the fact that he just saw a drug deal go down between a dealer and a mom. Apparently the mom sent her young (9 year old?) daughter over with the money and she swiftly returned to mom with a baggie. How sad. Mr.C said he’d adopt her in a second!

Moving on…. we hit downtown and become very excited & agree that currently Mini Apple is our favorite big city. Mr.C said he even likes it better than Chicago. We wander past Melting Pot Fondue (where we wish we could have stopped for “linner” but decided it would make for a better post-wedding date instead) and Hell’s Kitchen bar before stumbling straight onto Nicollet Mall, a street full of shops, cafes, and restaurants.

Nicollet Mall

Target graces the corner of one street and we pop in for a pretzel before exploring the rest of the “Mall”. We pass fountains, more churches, outdoor eateries, and Loring Park before figuring we had better start making the trek back home.

downtown park


huge dandelion fountain

Finding our way back to the main streets, we choose to walk down Nicollet (different from Nicollet Mall). It is also known as “Eat Street” since it is 17 blocks of restaurants. Starting from almost downtown to a few blocks from where we live we pass by the African sector, Middle Eastern, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Mexican sectors with an occasional Greek restaurant or coffee house thrown in. Needless to say, we will definitely have to take a trip down there again to try a few of those places out.

“ryan’s pub” on Eat Street

Exhausted, after walking at least 40 city blocks today, I collapse on the bed for a nap while Mr.C relaxes with computer games. The apartment is a mess yet again, with our bedding sliding of the air mattress (again), cardboard boxes “stacked” in a corner, and dishes not done for two days. Yet, for all the experiences and adventures we’ve had in the past week, we think it could be worse. When “real life” starts on Tuesday, then we’ll deal with it. Until then, we’ll kick back and enjoy the last of our first weekend in Mini Apple and our (first!) apartment.

xo, “Me”

P.S. special shotouts to Mr.C’s parents for helping out the other day when we called in a panic, to my mama for talking to me on the phone about random things for 1hr45min, to my GMA who sent us a sweet note of welcome and congratulations on our first “martial dwelling”, and to N for spending a night playing games with us and reminding us that we aren’t actually alone in the City.

P.S.S. in regard to the title “Newly Moved Nearly Wed” … less than 2 weeks ’til the Big Day!


13 thoughts on “Newly Moved Nearly Weds

    • thanks. we figured it’s a good way to update friends&family. :) are you in MN this coming weekend? or were you talking about wedding weekend on the 17th? should be a great time. we’re pretty excited!!

  1. This blog is awesome!! your apartment looks really cute!! im happy for you too! you both deserve it!! cant wait to hear more!! see u 2 soon!!

  2. hey you 2 your apartment looks great! super duper cute! im glad you guys are having a great time!! im in love with your blog it is awesome and i cant wait to hear more…. see you soon!!!!!!

  3. Ok, first of all, so glad you are enjoying your new place! Second of all, last week I was looking at an IKEA catalog and saw that same sofa and tried to convince Mr. Blake that we needed it, also loved the light fixture. Tell Mr. C that Minneapolis better be pretty freakin’ cool to be better than Chi-town. We’ll see about that. To find highly recomended eateries in your area go to they have a mapquest thing to find restaurants that have been featured on their shows. See you next week for the BIG day!!!!!

    • thanks~ and that’s a great idea for the food! :) *love IKEA* haha and yes, I want that light fixture bad! thankfully, i have found some ideas online for DIY/cheaper versions of stuff I love from IKEA/urban outfitters/potterybarn etc…

  4. Oh you guys are having too much fun among all that misery that you managed to remedy just fine! What an amazing city! And I’m impressed with that amazing meal you whipped up. Love the apt too and can see why you chose it! Can’t wait for the next installation of “The Blog”. Think I’m addicted.
    Love, Aunt Kathy

  5. I LOVED Reading this!! Keep Us Up dated!! :D SO happy for you 2!!! Cant wait for the big day! its gonna be so much fun!! Cant wait to hear more! See you Soon!!!

  6. HI,

    I am a fan and addicted to your antics, trials and tribulations and fun times too! What a great first meal – I’m impressed! I can see why you were attracted to your apt. and that great city. I know you two will make the most of it.

    Good luck to both of you as you start school and new job.
    Aunt Kathy

  7. Neat to read your blog and view the pics: looks like a great city. We began married life in probably a smaller apartment……but in Annawan….not many attractions there. Have fun being young and good luck in your endevours.


  8. Hi, Megan. What a great writer you are! You create such vivid word pictures . . . then include snaps as well. Love to you and Mr. C. Suzy Hartung

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