weekend review

This weekend Mr.C & I…

made our first big adult purchase – Claude, our comfy cozy new couch! No more crappy IKEA futon for us (although I have to give it a little credit since we did sleep on it for a year in our studio apt).

Anyway, after saving for a few months and scouring Craigslist with no luck (although now that I think about it used couches kinda creep me out) – we pooled money we’d gotten as Christmas gifts (thanks everyone!) and started shopping around town. After visiting about 6 stores across the Twin Cities we made a last minute trip to American Freight in Roseville, MN, and low and behold there he was. $200 out of our price range but everything we wanted – gray, soft, comfortable, and with a chaise. We were in heaven!

With a bit of negotiation, we scored a decent discount since it was an as-is item (nothing wrong with it though!) + was the last model in stock AND had been discontinued from the line.  Booyaah! (Ha, do people even say that anymore?!) At any rate, we were absolutely thrilled, and since American Freight does same-day delivery, we had to dash home, move all the furniture out of the living room, and clean & vacuum like mad men. 2 hours later, we collapsed onto Claude with intentions of being couch potatoes forever the rest of the weekend. Mr.C was more successful at this than I as he stayed up playing video games late into the night and actually ended up spending the night on the sofa. (Maybe he thought Claude needed some to keep him company on his first night in our apt?)


The rest of our weekend was pretty chill – Saturday night we met up with N + B for dinner at Burger Jones followed by an eventful game of Munchkin Zombies and 3 rounds of Euchre. Always a good time! Then on Sunday, we made beef stew in the crockpot, watched the Lorax, skyped with Mr.C’s brother, sister-in-law, + baby D, cleaned a little more, and rearranged the living room/dining room.


left: the bookcase across from the couch right: a close up, those gorgeous paintings are prints from Heather Brown – the amazing artist we fell in love with on our Hawaiian honeymoon


we moved our old futon/couch into the dining room, comfy seating at the kitchen table

Today, the plan is to clean a little more, Skype with my pal Kt (who you’ll remember from this post and this one), make chicken stroganoff (thanks for the recipe suggestion Lo!), and watch my ladies Amy Poehler & Tina Fey kill it on the Golden Globes (we don’t have tv/cable so I have to wait ‘til the day after to watch it).

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend + a happy Monday!

xo, meg

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12 thoughts on “weekend review

  1. We did the same thing with the white storage/bookcase. They started off as storage but now it is nicely placed along the wall with books on the inside and pictures on top.

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