✈ Florida Part 1

You might have noticed it was a little quiet around here last week…

well that’s because Mr.C & I were in Florida visiting his Dad + Mama M!

It was a glorious vacation. Relaxing, fun, and full of sunshine.


Tuesday afternoon Mr.C & I flew down to Orlando and spent the evening playing cards & catching up with the fam.

Wednesday afternoon we set off to explore Lakeland, FL, where Mr.C’s Dad + Mama M live.

We fed the birds, wandered around Hollis Gardens, and had lunch at a local café.




Wednesday evening we drove to Downtown Disney for dinner with Mr.C’s brother, sister-in-law, and cute niece – since their Disney vacation happened to coincide with our visit.


Thursday we went to the Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park and it was fantastic!

We took a swampy boat ride, saw local wildlife, and best of all – fell in love with some beautiful manatees.


They have four manatees that live at the park year round and, yes, they eat cabbage!


During the colder months, these manatees are moved to a smaller enclosure so they can open to park gates to allow “wild” manatees to enjoy the warmer water near the shore.

We were lucky too because in addition to the park’s manatees – we spotted a “wild” manatee mom + her sweet baby off a dock at the edge of the park.


We also saw deer, alligators, river otters, many birds, a black bear, and Lu – a 53-year-old hippopotamus who has been in a few movies.



Friday we all took a trip down to Clearwater and Sand Key Beach. Despite the strong wind and cooler temperatures, Mr.C & I swam in the Gulf for a good hour while Mr.C’s Dad + Mama M soaked up rays on the beach.

Then we enjoyed some local pizza, ice cream, a walk on the pier, and the Chalk Walk art festival.


Stay tuned tomorrow for Part 2 of our Florida trip recap!

xo, meg

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