♨ feast on this

found this great recipe via Amber at The Pless Press for roasted lemon garlic chicken with green beans + potatoes and it is amazing!

granted, I made it little over lemony on accident (Mr.C complained…) but I thought it was still scrumptious (and would probably make it over lemony again even! yumyumyum!)

anyway, definitely give it a try!

Before going into the oven:

the finished product (photo via The Pless Press)

And you can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be making this meal again …maybe tomorrow even… yeah it’s that good!

hehe Tomorrow Tomorrow!

Okay, enough Annie jokes for today.

Let me know what you think if you make it!


7 thoughts on “♨ feast on this

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  2. I’ll have to make this! Mr. eats two veggies (three if you count potatoes, which I don’t): carrots & green beans. His fav meat is chicken, so my picky eater might LOVE this! :) Thanks!

    • hahah that’s Mr.C!! he likes corn and potatoes (which don’t really count…starch). and green beans! but this is so good. i will be making it again asap. :)

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