Living LEAP: Phase 6 Continued

Don’t know what LEAP/MRT is? Missed the start of this series? Click here to catch up.

As I mentioned in my last update, I have moved into the final stage in my MRT/LEAP journey known was Phase 6. Phase 6 is basically where you’re on your own. You’ve learned how to eat and what to eat and now you just live your life!

You can start to test out your highly reactive foods (red) and see how you respond to them.

All my results are posted here – but as a refresher:

My highly reactive foods and additives (red) are crab, lecithin, lemon, salmon, sesame, and spinach.

My moderately reactive foods and additives (yellow) are beet, cabbage, cashew, cheddar, codfish, coffee, dill, egg, red #40, garbanzo, green pea, maple, oat, pear, pinto bean, rice, salicylic acid, sodium metabisulfate, spelt, and strawberry.

So far I’ve tested lecithin, lemon, egg, and dill. All left me feeling under the weather. And, although they’re actually on my green (safe) list, mushrooms really bug me too (we assume because of an underlying mold allergy). Pineapple isn’t listed there either, but I get a bad stomach ache if I over eat it. I haven’t tested typical Bartlett pears yet but have tried Asian pears a few times and seem to tolerate those just fine. I’ve also successfully tested parsnips, chia seeds,  flax seeds/meal, and green and tulsi teas.

It’s just important to remember to that it’s all about variety and making sure to keep your diet diverse. If you do this, and make sure not to eat the same things day after day, you are more likely to not over-consume certain foods/food families to the point where you could possibly lose a tolerance for them or even develop a new sensitivity.

What I’ve been eating lately:

blogfoodcollagefeb15 Sweet Potato Havarti Soup
Apple Spice Pork Chops
Parsnip Fries
Slow Cooker Turkey Chili 
Turkey Mozzarella Meatballs
Bacon Asparagus Soup
Lovebean Fudge
Chocolate Coconut Fluff
Bacon Green Bean Bundles with Brown Sugar Glaze
Vegan Brownies
Egg-free Potato Latkes
Corn Casserole
Chocolate-Pomegranate Bark

What I’ve been using lately:

Argan Oil – just great another oil to add to my stash since I already love using jojoba, rosehip seed, grape, castor, and coconut. Argan oil is luxurious, light, and extremely hydrating.

Primal Pit Paste Happy Pits Sensitive Stick – I’ve been using this for little over a month now and love it! Since it’s baking soda free my pits are not irritated at all. Sure, I can be a little stinky by day’s end sometimes but that’s a small price to pay for keeping away from aluminum and other chemicals. Plus, I could always reapply during the day if I thought it was a real issue. I’ve noticed if I wipe a bit of apple cider vinegar or witch hazel on my underarms after washing or showering the deodorant works even better and I hardly smell at all after 12 hours of wear. I’ve found a few other baking soda free deodorants I’d like to try but for now I’m very happy with my Primal Pit Paste.

What I’ve been reading lately:

Nourishing Picky Eaters

Do You Know What’s Really In Your Tea?

Is Your Gut Bacteria Controlling Your Appetite? – What To Do About It

8 Things My Family Learned When We Gave Up Processed Food For 100 Days

10 Skincare Mistakes

6 Reasons Cancer Rates Have Skyrocketed Since Your Grandparents’ Day That You Can’t Ignore

Natural v.s. Artificial Flavors

How I’m feeling:

Good. I’ve put on a few pounds thanks to the holidays, being lazy with meal planning, and adopting a more hermit lifestyle (hello cold weather, cozy couch, and Gilmore Girls marathon). I’ve also have been over indulging in the sweets lately too. Nomnomnom! But, nothing hopping on the elliptical, geocaching, and refocusing my eating habits can’t cure.

Wishing you all good health and happiness!


2 thoughts on “Living LEAP: Phase 6 Continued

  1. Hey Meg! You might remember that I’ve done a few rounds of Whole 30. Unfortunately I’m still suffering from some unpleasant symptoms. So I thought of you and this process you went through. Would you recommend it? How did you find someone in the Twin Cities to work with?

    • Carrie,

      So sorry to hear about you’re still experiencing some issues! It’s maddening when you can’t pinpoint exactly what triggers bad symptoms.

      Yes, I would recommend going through the MRT LEAP process. I wouldn’t have felt better without it – even if I had done the Whole30 first! The Whole30 would’ve helped with some of my symptoms sure but not all because many of the foods it suggests to eat (leafy greens – like spinach, meats/fishes – like salmon, cod, and eggs – oh so many eggs!) are all on my red/yellows lists – meaning my body isn’t a big fan of them. So while I would’ve been eating “healthy” according to their guidelines/our general culture, I would not have been eating healthy for me and would’ve still felt awful.

      MRT/LEAP was definitely the catalyst to clean up my eating habits and make more conscious choices when it comes to beauty/hygiene products. I lost weight, feel better, and rarely have GI episodes (unless I eat something I shouldn’t – for example eggs, which are one of my “reds”). I probably had the beginnings of leaky gut too but through eating better and consuming gut-healing items (like fermented foods, gelatin, kombucha, etc) I think I made a lot of headway. I’m not perfect and am still working at it. :)

      Unfortunately, the LEAP therapist I worked with passed away. I really need to update my blog posts referring to her. :(

      You might try contacting Laurie Kassen, a dietitian who does LEAP in the Twin Cities. My coworker (who has celiac and food sensitivities) has gone through LEAP with her. You can find her contact info on her website:

      Otherwise, here’s a list of other LEAP certified dietitians in MN:

      Wishing you the best! I hope you’re able to get everything cleared up and on the path to feeling more like yourself again.

      Let me know if you have any other questions!

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