Easter Weekend Recap

…apologies for being MIA for the last 4 days, I’ve been extremely busy lately! Not only did I unplug in order to enjoy a Easter weekend with family but on Monday I started a new job (details coming soon) that had me readjusting my usual schedule. But, no worries, I’m back and on track! :) So thank you for your patience!…

Friday, April 6

⌘ started off the day by going into the office for my new job, getting a bit of orientation, then eating a welcome lunch with my boss. ha! okay rereading that last sentance makes me laugh ‘cuz it makes the meal sound way more fancypantsprofessional that it actually was. my new job is actually working for mr.c’s uncle, A., and so for lunch we hit up the mall for chinese (mr.c + his cousin, M, came along too). like i mentioned above, will provide more new job details in the next few days for those who are interested (and that’s everyone right?! lol)

⌘ after lunch, mr.c + i headed home to quickly finish cleaning before mr.c’s family arrived that afternoon

⌘ mr.c’s family shows up! we hangout at the apartment and enjoy second (late) lunch of BBQ pulled pork sandwiches.

⌘ took mr.c’s family to the sculpture garden, spoon+cherry, and a driving tour of downtown

⌘ headed to ikea for a walk-through

⌘ zipped over to the MOA for a preview of Saturday’s planned activities + a night time snack

Saturday, April 7

⌘ headed to the MOA to shop ’til we dropped. the girls had been saving their $ since Christmas for this trip (or so the rumor goes!). loaded down the bags, we dined on pretzels with cheese and taste tested gelato. after awhile the guys wandered off to visit the more “manly” stores while we ladies tried on a zillion pairs of sunglasses and ooo’d and ah’d over chubby babies. later, we kids rode the rollercoasters (and screamed our little heads off) while the adults went to Macy’s …lame!… the rides were wayy more fun!

⌘ after a lot (a lot!) of shopping and walking, we rested our tootsies while grabbing some appetizers at one of MOA’s many restaurants. this one just so happened to be on where the waitstaff is sarcastic and semi-rude to the patrons (kinda like Ed Debevic’s in Chicago). anyway, we had a blast + our server made us hats with hilarious captions on them. mr.c’s said “my mom still dresses me”!

we mentioned mr.c’s sister, A, was turning 16 soon and our server mistook me for A, in her defense we were sitting next to each other + i had my glasses on). anyway, this confusion, led to her making me hat which read “going to prom with my cousin = stocking up on protection”. uhm, hehe, awwwkward! for 2 reasons – 1) prom sex with a cousin? count me out! and 2) the fact that i can still pass for a super dorky 16 when i wear my glasses

anyway, our apps were delicious and our tired feet really enjoyed the rest.

and of course, what would a trip to a wacky restaurant be without a goofy photo or two?

⌘ after our MOA shopping extravaganza, we piled in the car and head to Uptown for dinner at Burger Jones. the burgers were juicy, the milk shakes thick, and the fries absolutely divine (they have regular, parmesan, and sweet potato). mr.c + M even split a manly beer sampler platter!

⌘ following dinner, we headed back to their hotel to relax and play a little Rummikub

Sunday, April 8

⌘ sunday was simple. we met up for breakfast at I-HOP before saying good bye to mr.c’s family. it was sad to see them go. we had a lot of fun! and considering a lot of our friends + families are spread far across the US makes the time we do get to spend together extra special. plus, mr.c + i are so used to just being our own little family, that we get a little spoiled when everyone else comes to town! anyway, we are definitely looking forward to having more visitors and eventually getting back down to good ‘ol Illinois.

⌘ after seeing the family off, mr.c and i hit up the grocery store, made chicken quesadillas for dinner, watched tv, and attempted to slow down before the work week started & sped us off into the “real world” again

so that was our weekend.

and we definitely loved being able to step away from our usual routine + really stop to smell the flowers (both literally and figuratively).

here’s hoping the rest of you had a wonderful holiday weekend too!

xo, meg

4 thoughts on “Easter Weekend Recap

  1. Okay. I have a gazillion things to say about this post. :)

    The cherry in a spoon thing…Lo talks about it. I guess it’s a big deal, but why? haha. Kind cool…but why is it there? Like..how do you decide on a fruit and a utensil? Why not a square of butter on a knife? Or a meatball on a fork? Or some yogurt on a spoon? Why “cherry” and why “spoon?” :)

    Ikea…le sigh. I’ve never been in one. The closest one to us is light-years away, I think. But it looks amazing. And that bedroom?!?! I love the picture above the bed. I love the lack of bed frame. I love the low-to-the-ground lights. I LOVE LOVE LOVE, scratch that, adore & lust over the little breakfast area at the end of the bed. I’d NEVER think to put it there. That’s awesome. I want to go home and move all of the furniture out of our room and recreate this space. I adore it. Oh. em. geeeeee. I run into this problem ALL THE TIME with our house. My parents are, as you may recall, slightly loaded. Isn’t it silly to want to get rid of top of the line, solid wood furniture? I’d love to get rid of a ton of their stuff…but the sensible side of me knows that if if it came down to me & Mr. wanting furniture like that, we’d be sad that we couldn’t afford it and be saving for nice furniture for the rest of our lives. So…what to do?!

    As for the restaurant, we have a place similar at Myrtle Beach. It’s called Dick’s Last Resort and the serves are rude and fun and raunchy, and they encourage women to leave their bra’s behind to add to the collection hanging on the walls. :) Haha.

    I love being southern, but sometimes I wish I could be from up north or out west. People are SO laid back about drinking everywhere in the world except for where I am. You are lucky that y’all can go out and enjoy a beer at dinner without people thinking you all are going to hell. I’m a little jealous. haha

    • 1) spoon and the cherry is cool b/c it is freakin’ huge!! it’s just a city landmark that is famous. :) it’s actually a spoon bridge, it goes over a little pond, and in the summer water shoots out of the cherry stem. it was put up in the 1980s by a husband and wife team.

      2) i adore ikea. sure some of their stuff is kinda cheap and flimsy, but i love the modern style and i play hard with my furniture so i don’t want to spend zillions of dollars one something i might scuff up. i appreciate real solid wood but sadly it’s just not my design aesthetic. as for your dilemma – i think there would be ways to mix your antique/wood furniture and more modern pieces. i’m sure there’d be some inspiration out on the internetz. and for some of the other pieces you love but might not really use or appreciate until you are older – put it in storage?…

      3) the restaurant was Dick’s last resort!! ha i completely forgot.

      4) i guess i didn’t pay enough attention when i was in the south to people drinking attitudes (besides college kids). lol too bad the US isn’t like Europe, they are so laid back about alcohol and don’t have nearly as bad a problems when it comes to minors, drunk driving, binge drinking etc….

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