✈ Kauai | Part 3

We’re recapping our vacation to Kauai! Need to catch up? Here’s Part 1  + Part 2.

Day 7: Tubing a Former Sugar Plantation

We had another big day planned so we breakfasted at Living Foods Market & Cafe under the eye of a watchful lizard. Ryan had cinnamon apple crepes while I had a cinnamon roll and another local kombucha. This one was brewed by Kauai Island Kombucha (which the cafe has on tap) and the flavor was Turmeric Tsunami (turmeric, ginger, and pineapple). Ryan was thirsty too so we swung by the Koloa Rum Co. for a quick tasting. Ryan really liked their spiced rum!


From there we moved on to our next activity – tubing. When I first heard about this, I practically signed us up on the spot! We love tubing and the opportunity to do it through the fields of a former sugar plantation was something I didn’t want to miss. Kauai Backcountry Adventures is the company that organizes these tubing tours and their guides are knowledgeable and very entertaining. Lots of laughs! After a van ride up a mountain road (with a quick stop to peek at Mount Waiʻaleʻale), they gave our group a safety chat and popped us in our tubes.


We sailed along the old irrigation canals and through five dark tunnels (which were hand dug in the 1800s!). It was a fairly gentle ride but with a few twists and turns. The water was only a few feet deep so it was safe, chill way to spend an afternoon. Everyone had fun kicking off the rocks and bouncing into each other’s inner tubes. In the tunnels, the headlamps on our helmets lit up the lichen-covered walls and ceilings. It looked like golden glitter!


A picnic lunch was provided afterward which quieted our growling tummies and gave us a chance to chat with our guides, who were locals. One of the guides tipped us off to hula pie, an absolutely scrumptious dessert as it turns out. Macadamia nut ice cream piled high on a chocolate cookie crust and topped with chocolate fudge, whipped cream, and more macadamia nuts… where can you go wrong?! It was a great way to end the day.


Day 8: A Soggy Send Off

The sound of rain woke us up early. It ended up storming until dinner but we didn’t let that stop us from making the most of our last day in paradise. For breakfast we dropped by Aloha Aina Juice Cafe in Puhi for an acai bowl (a really thick smoothie that’s been topped with granola, fruit, or peanut butter).


From there we drove up to the north side of the island. We wanted to visit Ke’e Beach (the last beach accessible by car on the north shore) but were forced to turn around early because the road was flooded out.


So we stopped by Wainiha Beach Park and Lumahai Beach instead.



When the rain picked up again, we hopped in the car and started to make the drive back down to the south shore. Along the way, Ryan saw a farmer’s market so we made a quick stop, dashed through the rain, and were rewarded with taro chips and an amazing piece of lilikoi cheesecake from The Right Slice.


Thankfully the clouds lifted once we reached Poipu. We took full advantage and ate supper outside (more kalua pork & pineapple pizza!). Just as we were leaving for the airport the skies shifted yet again revealing a beautiful farewell sunset.


Mahalo, Kauai! It was wonderful to experience the HI life with you. 


✈ Kauai | Part 2

We’re recapping our vacation to Kauai! Miss Part 1? Click here to catch up.

Day 4: Chicken Soup and a Coastal Cruise

After a bowl of chicken broth and a few naps, Ryan chauffeured me around a bit. Our first stop was Kauai Juice Co. in Kapaa. I’d been stalking their Instagram for weeks and was dying to get my hands on one of their drinks! I ended up trying (and loving!) their lilikoi lychee kombucha while Ryan raved about their starburst juice (mix of strawberries, oranges, and pineapple). We took our drinks for a ride up the coast and paused to watch the waves at Larsens Beach, Anini Beach, and Hanalei Bay. My stomach wasn’t up for it, but Ryan sampled food from both The Green Pig food truck (mac & cheese bites) and Chicken In A Barrel BBQ (sampler meat plate).





Day 5: Naps, Netflix, and Gelato

That pretty much sums up the entire day. I was totally out of commission. Thankfully, a day of downtime seemed to do the trick because the next morning I was back to feeling like myself.


Day 6: The Grand Canyon of the Pacific

Finally fever-free and ready for fun! We spent the day driving up the winding road to Waimea Canyon, making sure to stop at all the different overlooks along the way. With rocky red cliffs, deep valleys, and waterfalls, the unbelievable vistas go on for miles! Waimea Canyon is often called the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. Just up the road from Waimea Canyon is Koke’e State Park where cool forests and a view of the beautiful Kalalau Valley await. On our way back from the two state parks, we turned off on a long dead-end road expecting it to lead to another lookout area. It instead took us to one of the entrances for the U.S. Navy’s Pacific Missile Range area – ooops! We hightailed it out of there and found our way over to Salt Pond Beach to eat and swim a little.




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✈ Kauai | Part 1

12800171_10153470768903157_6393356340519259203_nAloha! It’s been a few days since we returned from Kauai and we’re definitely missing the sunshine and sand between our toes. However, thanks to all the photos and great memories, we’ll be able to reminisce about our time there for years to come.

As I mentioned before, we decided to take this big trip to celebrate paying off debt and our upcoming 5-year wedding anniversary. After choosing our destination, I booked our vacation through Costco Travel (flights, hotel, and rental car – it was a breeze!) and started finding recommendations for activities, beaches, and restaurants via blogs, Pinterest, Instagram, and TripAdvisor forums. Before we left, I made a quick Google map highlighting the places of interest to us. It proved invaluable as we navigated our way around the island!

All the hard work and travel research really paid off, because we had an amazing time! It was such a fun vacation and I’m excited to share our adventures with you.

Day 1: Traveling to Paradise 

Whew! 11 hour travel day. Talk about exhausting! Flew from Minneapolis > Phoenix > Honolulu > Lihue. Picked up our rental car and drove to Kiahuna Plantation (a condo resort) in Poipu on the south shore. Dumped our bags and immediately set out in search of food. Ended up devouring dinner at the Olympic Cafe right across the street. A mai tai and kalua pork quesadilla for the Ryan and a grilled sandwich for me (sourdough topped with melted brie, avocado & sun-dried tomatoes – mmm mmmm!). Collapsed into bed right after.


Day 2: Bagels + Beaches

We woke up early, got breakfast at Rainbeau Jo’s food truck (bagels and smoothies), and ate it at Nukolii Beach. Then we grabbed a few groceries, made sandwiches for lunch, and played in the waves at Poipu Beach all afternoon. On our way to dinner, we stopped by Spouting Horn, a natural lava tube that releases a huge spout of water during large swells. It was neat to see! We then wandered through the Shops at Kukuiula to check out their Farmer’s Market (every Wednesday night) before eating at Merriman’s Gourmet Pizza & Burgers (a kalua pork, grilled pineapple, pesto, and jalapeño pizza that was to die for!). To cap off the evening, we borrowed some chairs and sat out at Shipwrecks Beach to watch the cliff jumpers and catch the sunset.






Day 3: Flying High, Feeling Low

I picked up a stomach bug (most likely from all sick people on the plane) and started feeling poorly. However, I managed to rally enough for the one-hour helicopter tour we had booked months before. Folks… it was absolutely incredible!!! Sure, I had to douse myself in disinfectant and spent the rest of the day in bed with a fever and the flu, but it was so worth it. Hands down, one of the best parts of our trip!

We flew with Mauna Loa Helicopter Tours and Ronnie was our pilot. He was funny, knowledgeable, and a wonderful tour guide. He even took us farther out over the ocean to see if we could spot any whales (sadly, we didn’t see any). I would absolutely recommend flying with Mauna Loa Helicopter Tours! A helicopter ride is definitely a splurge, but they make it fairly affordable. Their operation is well-organized and extremely safe. You’re on a private tour and every seat is a window seat (this is a guarantee and not something I found with other companies I looked at). You also have the option to fly with the doors off (at no extra cost). That is what we chose to do and it was the perfect way to see the island, take clear photos, and make the most of an already exhilarating experience.


One of the reasons we opted for a helicopter tour is because Kauai is home to the Na Pali Coast, a stretch of must-see shoreline. It’s one of the most beautiful places ever! Emerald cliffs, white beaches, cascading waterfalls… absolutely breathtaking. However, much of it is inaccessible (due to the sheerness of the cliffs) so in order to see it you only have a few options: go on a very long and rigorous hike, grab a boat tour, or (you guessed it) take to the skies. In addition to the Na Pali Coast, Kauai has Waimea Canyon, Mount Waiʻaleʻale, Honopu Valley, Hanalei Valley, and many hidden waterfalls and beaches. We wanted to see it all and a helicopter ride allowed us to do just that. Kauai is stunning!

We also got very lucky because the skies were so clear the day we toured that not only was our pilot able to take us everywhere he wanted but we were even able to see the top of Mount Wai’ale’ale. This extinct volcano is one of the wettest spots in the world and is usually shrouded in mist and clouds. It averages more than 452 inches of rain a year and our pilot said the top is only visible 10-15 days a year.







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Fast February

February flew by, as it always does, and with March on its heels I thought I better catch up!

This month…

We wished a very happy 27th birthday to this big kid!

Proceed with MOLDIV

Celebrated Valentine’s Day by going on a spicy hot date.

Pretty much lived at the gym! I tried a kickboxing class and spent many nights dancing at Zumba. I also attended a training session for LifeFlow, the yoga fusion class I really enjoy, and started assisting one of the instructors with their Sunday afternoon class. yogazumbaBid farewell to Nessa + Ann, two of the instructors I’ve grown close to over the last year. They’re moving on from teaching to build North Haven, a non-profit healing retreat in northern Minnesota for families who have suffered trauma, tragedy, and loss. I’m so thankful our paths crossed when they did and that I was able to become part of the wonderful fitness community they’ve helped create. Wishing them all the best on this new adventure!

And, speaking of adventures… Ryan & I are off on one of our own in a few days.

Kauai here we come!

See you back here mid-March for a vacation recap. 




reading | nothing right now but I hope to start “After the Fear” by Rosanne Rivers soon. It’s a young adult book, dystopian fiction – think “Hunger Games”.

listening | to new jams and old favorites. You can check out my playlist for the month here.

watching | Nurse Jackie on Netflix. I’m addicted!

eating | Whole30 style! That’s right, after completing the Whole30 in August, I’ve decided to do a second round to start this new year off fresh. You can follow along on Instagram; I’m almost one week in!

drinking | homemade kombucha. I got hooked on kombucha (a fizzy fermented tea drink + probiotic beverage) last year but since it can be expensive (a 16oz bottle is about $4) I decided to try to make my own. I followed this video, successfully grew my first SCOBY (a culture/symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast that’s needed to ferment tea), and began brewing. I now make a new batch every week or two and occasionally do a second ferment (which allows you to flavor the kombucha tea). The natural flavor of kombucha is a delicious but acquired taste, so it’s fun to jazz it up a bit by adding ginger, berries, or other fruits/herbs. My favorites flavors are grape and blackberry. After the fermentation stage, you’re left with a tart, effervescent beverage that’s tasty and good for your digestion and gut health. A definite win/win! If you’re ever interested in brewing your own, I have free “baby SCOBYs” available if you don’t want to start from scratch. Just ask and I’ll be happy to pass one along to you.

working | on my fitness by attending zumba and yoga classes weekly. I also received a FitBit for Christmas so I’ve been focusing on my steps. (Want to be FitBit friends? Add me!)

enjoying | cozy winter weekends

playing | the Wizard Card Game; I’m still obsessed!

wishing | my dry skin away! Thankfully, I got the best package in the mail yesterday that should help. See, I have the biggest crush on a skincare line called Leahlani Skincare. It’s handmade with love in Hawaii and is all natural, organic perfection. The collection is full of dreamy serums, masks, and cleansers that smooth and moisturize your skin while bathing you in heavenly island scents. It’s divine! I’ve been using Leah’s creations for over a year and they’ve replaced almost everything in my bath+beauty bag. I recommend these products to pretty much anyone who will listen. So do yourself a favor and unlock the magic that is Leahlani Skincare. It’s an indulgence but I promise you won’t be disappointed! I for one cannot live without her Champange Serum and Honey Love 3-in-1. I also have been using the new Bless Beauty Balm and can tell it’s going to be another must-have of mine. So moisturizing and it smells fantastic (husband approved too!).

organizing | a big trip for March. After paying off our student loan debt and one car loan, we wanted to do something special. Also, our fifth wedding anniversary is coming up this year (in September) so we decided to celebrate early and escape to somewhere warm. After much debate we’ve chosen to go back to Hawaii. It’s just such a great place to experience that perfect blend of relaxation and adventure. We’re headed to Kauai this time and couldn’t be more excited!

So that’s me…what’s current with you guys?

2015 in Review

It’s unbelievable how much can happen in just 365 days! If you’d like – take a trip down memory lane with our recaps from 201120122013, and 2014 or keep reading for our review of 2015.


This year…
  • We both turned 26 years old.
  • We celebrated 12 years together + our 4th wedding anniversary.
  • We bought a second car and moved to Bloomington. This central suburb sits nicely between our places of employment and is closer to the areas and people we love.
  • We both excelled at work. Ryan celebrated his 4 year anniversary and finally moved into a position on first shift. He started as a Returns Administrator and was later promoted to Returns Coordinator. I celebrated my 3 year anniversary, continued to make placements, and created + launched our company’s new website and blog.
  • We brought our student loan debt down to $0. That’s right! Completely paid in full. We also paid off one of our car loans.
  • We continued to work on our health and wellness. Ryan started weight lifting and I began attending zumba and yoga classes. We also gave the Whole30 eating plan a try!
  • We were able to be a part of big days in our friends and families’ lives; notably Jessica + Austin’s wedding and welcoming a new nephew into the family.
  • We also enjoyed having our families come to visit, a mini lake vacation, a fun-filled weekend with our niece, spending time in Illinois, and faraway friends coming to town (Elecia, Sarah + Brandon).

It’s been quite the year! Can’t wait to see what 2016 will bring; we have a few things in the works that should make it a great one!

weekend review

This weekend we drove to Nebraska to visit Ryan’s brother + his family.

It was our niece’s 4th birthday so we were able to join in the celebration – which was a treat!

Ryan’s brother is in the Air Force so they have often lived far from us. Now that they are closer, we’re able to be more present in each others’ lives and experience special moments together.

Speaking of… we met our new nephew! He was born in November and is a big sweetheart. As you can see we’re pretty smitten!


Our next trip will be to Illinois to see the rest of our family + friends over the Christmas break.

We hope you and yours have a very happy holiday too!