This month…


My brother graduated from college! It was very exciting but also bittersweet because the university he attended is closing its campus. Ryan graduated from this college too and we have many friends, neighbors, and family that will be impacted by the closing. But hopefully, all will be on to bigger and better things – my bro included. He’s currently on tour for a month with a doom metal/rock band as their roadie/guitar technician. Quite the post-graduation adventure if you ask me!

We had a game night with old friends and new. Many laughs were had by all! If you’re looking for a good party game pick up The Game of Things – I promise everyone will love it.

We saw Ryan’s sister when she and a friend came up to Minneapolis for a Beyoncé concert. It was a short visit but they had a blast and we were happy we could provide them with a place to crash.

My friend, Jessica, and I went to “Arts in the Park” in Eden Prairie. It was a gorgeous day for it (80s, sunny) and we both had a nice time wandering around the festival. We also took a lovely long walk around Lake Nokomis.

We had a relaxing Memorial Day Weekend. We went out for dinner, watched a movie or two, and enjoyed the nice weather. I also met up with Jessica to hike around Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve before cooling off at our apartment’s swimming pool.

Looking forward to more fun, sun, and pool time in June!


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