Life Lately

This poor blog’s been pushed to the back burner lately so I thought it would be nice to stop by and check in!



Ryan & I spent the first part of March on vacation in Kauai (trip recap: Part 1Part 2, Part 3).

Ryan earned a promotion at work and is now Lead Returns Coordinator.

My company hosted an office party and took everyone out to dinner at Crave, followed by an evening of laughs at the Brave New Workshop Comedy Theater.

We spent Easter weekend in Nebraska with Ryan’s brother and his little family. Ryan’s sister also made the trip out which was a real treat!



This month was pretty low-key.

To commemorate our upcoming wedding anniversary, Ryan and I both added pineapples to our tattoo collections. They represent our love for the Hawaiian islands and will remind us of the two visits to HI that bookend for our first 5 years of marriage (honeymoon on Oahu + anniversary trip to Kauai).

Besides getting inked we spent time with friends, went to the movies, shopped around for a new kitchen table before snagging one off Craigslist, kept up with our workout routines, started spring cleaning, ate at the Rusty Taco, and enjoyed the few sunny days that popped up.

We’re looking forward to more warm days and the fun activities that are coming up.

Hope you’re all having a nice spring so far! ❤


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