✈ Kauai | Part 2

We’re recapping our vacation to Kauai! Miss Part 1? Click here to catch up.

Day 4: Chicken Soup and a Coastal Cruise

After a bowl of chicken broth and a few naps, Ryan chauffeured me around a bit. Our first stop was Kauai Juice Co. in Kapaa. I’d been stalking their Instagram for weeks and was dying to get my hands on one of their drinks! I ended up trying (and loving!) their lilikoi lychee kombucha while Ryan raved about their starburst juice (mix of strawberries, oranges, and pineapple). We took our drinks for a ride up the coast and paused to watch the waves at Larsens Beach, Anini Beach, and Hanalei Bay. My stomach wasn’t up for it, but Ryan sampled food from both The Green Pig food truck (mac & cheese bites) and Chicken In A Barrel BBQ (sampler meat plate).





Day 5: Naps, Netflix, and Gelato

That pretty much sums up the entire day. I was totally out of commission. Thankfully, a day of downtime seemed to do the trick because the next morning I was back to feeling like myself.


Day 6: The Grand Canyon of the Pacific

Finally fever-free and ready for fun! We spent the day driving up the winding road to Waimea Canyon, making sure to stop at all the different overlooks along the way. With rocky red cliffs, deep valleys, and waterfalls, the unbelievable vistas go on for miles! Waimea Canyon is often called the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. Just up the road from Waimea Canyon is Koke’e State Park where cool forests and a view of the beautiful Kalalau Valley await. On our way back from the two state parks, we turned off on a long dead-end road expecting it to lead to another lookout area. It instead took us to one of the entrances for the U.S. Navy’s Pacific Missile Range area – ooops! We hightailed it out of there and found our way over to Salt Pond Beach to eat and swim a little.




Click here to check out Part 3.


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