Fast February

February flew by, as it always does, and with March on its heels I thought I better catch up!

This month…

We wished a very happy 27th birthday to this big kid!

Proceed with MOLDIV

Celebrated Valentine’s Day by going on a spicy hot date.

Pretty much lived at the gym! I tried a kickboxing class and spent many nights dancing at Zumba. I also attended a training session for LifeFlow, the yoga fusion class I really enjoy, and started assisting one of the instructors with their Sunday afternoon class. yogazumbaBid farewell to Nessa + Ann, two of the instructors I’ve grown close to over the last year. They’re moving on from teaching to build North Haven, a non-profit healing retreat in northern Minnesota for families who have suffered trauma, tragedy, and loss. I’m so thankful our paths crossed when they did and that I was able to become part of the wonderful fitness community they’ve helped create. Wishing them all the best on this new adventure!

And, speaking of adventures… Ryan & I are off on one of our own in a few days.

Kauai here we come!

See you back here mid-March for a vacation recap. 




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