Our New Digs

On August 1 we moved into our new apartment in Bloomington and so far we’re really enjoying it!

The complex is within a 15 minute drive of my work, near the stores and places we like to go, and was recently updated. It has a pretty epic workout center (including a big gym, half-court basketball, indoor and outdoor pool), attractive grounds and walking trails, and is dog-friendly. Yes, Ryan’s counting down the days until we can get a pup!


Our little one-bedroom is cozy, with lots of storage, a deck, new carpet, quartz countertops, stainless steel appliances, and underground parking which will be nice in the winter.

Ready for a tour?

Here’s the kitchen and storage closet:


The bedroom and bathroom:


The dining room which leads into the living room:


The living room:


Even the plants like it!

It’s a bit smaller than our old place but we’re still pleased and look forward to utilizing all the amenities the complex has to offer and exploring the neighborhood soon!


14 thoughts on “Our New Digs

  1. I love your dining room! And did anyone else notice Ryan peeking into the bedroom when Meg snapped the photo? Hahaha. I love you guys and am glad you found another place you love. Can’t wait to see it in person :)

    • Thank you! We are planning to get a dog but not soon – will wait until next spring. We’re hoping to take a vacation in Jan or Feb and figured it’d be easier without finding someone to watch the pup + who wants to potty train (if we have to) in the winter. We plan to rescue so no ideas yet what kind of dog we’ll end up with :)

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