weekend review

Hellllooo July!! Man, this month is already flying by… and we’re only a week in!

So far we’ve started packing (we move to our new apt. at the end of the month), bought a 2nd car (a silver 2012 Honda Accord), celebrated my 26th birthday, and traveled back to our hometown in IL for a quick visit. With time off work for the 4th of July holiday, we made the drive to see family, friends, and fireworks. It was a great time!

Wednesday night we got into town and stayed up really late catching up with Ryan’s family.

Thursday was my birthday so we went out to a delicious lunch at Krumpets with my family, toured my mom’s gorgeous garden, and then had dinner Sievert’s to celebrate with Ryan’s family.



Friday my college roommate, Katie, drove up to have brunch with us (breakfast pizza from Land of Oz – guilty pleasure, totally worth it!). I last saw her two years ago so it was great to catch up in person (although with technology we’re able to keep in touch and chat often).

Friday afternoon we saw Peter Pan at Timber Lake Playhouse. The playhouse is where I spent many summers working the box office, where Ryan proposed to me on stage, and where we later tied the knot! Obviously TLP holds a special place in our hearts, so it’s always great to come back and attend an amazing show at the theater. Peter Pan is one of my favorite musicals and the cast and crew at TLP did not disappoint! Friday evening we played board and card games with my best gal Elecia and her boyfriend who was visiting from Washington.


Saturday we slept in (finally!) and then headed over to my grandma’s for a few rounds of euchre. Later we grabbed ice cream from Dairy Queen to munch on while watching the 4th of July parade which, in a tiny town, typically consists of ambulances and firetrucks from the surrounding area and a few small floats. Saturday night friends and family gathered in my mom’s backyard to watch the fireworks display, witness the only traffic jam of the year, and enjoy a bonfire with a side of s’mores.





Sunday was our last day in town, so we grabbed a quick breakfast at the café downtown before making the rounds to say “see ya later”.  As always, it’s so nice to see everyone back in IL. Thankfully some of them will be coming up to visit us this fall so we won’t have to miss them too much!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend too. xx

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