reading | just started The Chocolate Money, recently finished The Russian Concubine

listening | Something Big – Shawn Mendes, Upside – Allen Stone, Déjà vu – Giorgio Moroder, and New Rush – Gin Wigmore

watching | the finale episodes of Mad Men and the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (on Netflix) – the first episode was absolute shite but the others got us laughing!

eating | thai chili, avocado toast (the red pepper flakes on top are a must!), and fetimans mandarin and seville orange jigger

drinking | on a definite smoothie kick right now! the combo of orange + mango + kiwi has been my favorite this week.

playing | wayyy too much candy crush. guys, it’s so addicted…

working | on migrating our company website to a new host provider. hoping this’ll be the last setback we have so we can finally launch!

organizing | my beauty products (using this idea) and our apartment search spreadsheet (we’ve got one more complex to visit & then have to wait patiently until June 1 to find out about any August openings at our favorites)

wishing | for the money fairy to appear with some funds that are solely ear-marked for fun – would love to ride roller-coasters this summer, get some new ink (got my next tat all picked out), or hit up a Broadway show downtown

enjoying | the lovely sunshine, green grass, and signs that spring will be in full bloom soon!

 So that’s me…what’s current with you guys?


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