enjoying | taking long walks after work with Ryan, exploring new trails by our house, and the occasional weight lifting sesh – we’re working to maintain a healthier lifestyle and to shed some weight we put on this winter while hibernating

eating | homemade pizza, fresh red bell peppers, pineapple salsa, banana bread, and this phenomenal chicken taco crockpot dish

drinking | tea! this new convert is totally diggin’ the following – ginger, peppermint, red raspberry, and raspberry peach tulsi.

reading | teen fiction that can be quickly consumed – haven’t had the brain power for much else lately. currently on book two of The 5th Wave trilogy.

watching | Peaky Blinders on Netflix

listening | “Crystals” – Of Monsters and Men, “Lean On” – Major Lazer & DJ Snake, “Sons and Daughters” – The Decemberists, “Bulletproof Heart” – My Chemical Romance, “Muevelo” – Sofia Reyes, and “Electric Love” – BORNS

working | hard to finish up the design for my company’s new website. hope to have it live in a few weeks.

planning | to pay off our student loans by next month, pay off our car loan by December, buy another used car, find a new apartment, and work on saving some funds for a 2016 vacation – phew! lots to do.

annoyed | by the pesky ants that have taken up residence in our dishwasher. gross…and arggh! it’s definitely spring, folks.

loving | catching up with old friends on a more regular basis

looking | ahead to May when we take a trip to see family and one of my best girlfriends visits from Illinois – we’ve got lots of fun planned!

trying | to incorporate meditation into my life by doing 10 minutes a day – a neat app called Headspace has been really helpful.

obsessed | with minimalism, being more intentional, and simplifying every corner of my life – inspired about what the rest of 2015 will look now

So that’s me…what’s current with you guys?


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