weekend review x2

last weekend…

… had friends over to try out a new board game – Pandemic. It’s a cooperative game where all players must work together to rid the worldoffour diseases. The game’s exciting but also absolutely maddening. I get so frustrated when we play because it’s so tough to win! It seems like every time we get close to a cure, a massive outbreak occurs causing us to lose. Let’s just say it definitely tests my patience and sportsmanship!

… went on an impromptu date to see Insurgent followed by dinner at one of our favorite pizzerias – Costco. Ha! But for real, I freakin’ love their pizza.

…. co-hosted the Minnesota Bloggers’ 3rd Annual Favorite Things Party with Lo. We had a really good turn out; with a little over 20 people and lots of new faces. Fun was had by all and it was great to meet more MN bloggers. I brought Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Honey Mints as my favorite thing and I came home with two other chocolates to try and a darling magnetic succulent that now lives on our fridge.

fave things party

this weekend…

… finished my stack of library books and need to go back for more. I’ve been trying to read more, watch less. Haven’t read any I’d recommend yet but it’s nice to be working on decreasing my screen time.

… went out to dinner with Ryan’s cousin, uncle, and his uncle’s girlfriend at Burch Steak and Pizza Bar. The reviews we read spoke very highly of their steaks but the pescatarians in our group found many dishes to eat and rave about too. I squealed when I saw they had a few dumpling options on the menu (spaetzle, piergois, kinkhali, etc.) and ended up devouring schupfnudel (like gnocchi but thinly rolled) with a rich, creamy gorgonzola cheese and walnut sauce. The dish was so similar to one I fell in love with in Italy that I felt transported back to Florence every time I took a bite. They also had cheese dumplings with lamb stroganoff which sounded divine – would love to try those next time.

… spent an afternoon wandering around the Como Zoo and Conservatory. The polar bear was extremely active and a lot of fun to watch!


Hope you all had a lovely weekend too!

8 thoughts on “weekend review x2

  1. The Favorite Things party looked like fun! I was bummed I couldn’t make it. Also, your dinner at Burch sounds ah-mazing. I’ve only been to the pizza place downstairs :)

    • Yes, we missed you all that couldn’t come!! Next time :) And, yes, Burch was so great. We hadn’t been someplace new in awhile so that was part of the thrill but the food was fantastic. A little more upscale than we’re normally used to (haha…. *cough* Chipotle *cough cough*) but it was definitely a nice treat. It also prompted me to start adding again to my list of places to try out… it’s been neglected for a long time.

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