Fast February

This month has definitely flown by! But, it’s actually been a pretty quiet one.

We’ve just been settling into our new routine with Ryan working first shift – lots of family dinners followed by a quick game or two of cards or Ticket to Ride. Plus, we’ve been able to hangout with friends more now that our Friday nights are available.  We’ve been apartment hunting too although we wouldn’t move until August. We’re hoping to find a place in Bloomington or somewhere more central to shorten Ryan’s commute.


I’ve finally been tackling some home and computer organization projects. Feels nice to check things off the list! I also had a girl date with my pal, Nicole, at Paint Nite (a social, booze-filled, two-hour art class where an artist leads the group through the process of painting a specific picture) which was really fun. Ryan and I ended up celebrating Valentine’s Day twice – once with an impromptu romantic dinner at home (sparkling juice on ice anyone?) and later at Outback Steakhouse (our favorite).

On the books for next week: wedding dress shopping with my friend, J, for her ceremony this fall and celebrating Ryan’s birthday – he turns 26!! This year he’d like a puppy… but sadly that’s out of the question with our current living situation, so he’ll have to settle for kisses from our friends’ furry creatures for now.

Hope you all have a great rest of the month. Can’t believe March is right around the corner!

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