Life Lately

Hi everyone! It’s been awhile since I last posted about what we’ve been up to so I figured it was high time to play catch up.

Things are going well in the Carty household!

I’ve been slowly simplifying our belongings and organizing the place. We’ve gotten into a better routine when it comes to laundry and dishes. We recently transferred our budget over to Google spreadsheets and, since it’s now accessible to us at home, work, or on the go, it is much easier to track spending and stay on top of our goals. We’re also trying to meal plan more to keep our grocery budget under control and to set ourselves up for success health-wise. Our student loan debt is now down to $8K. Here’s hoping we can keep kicking ass and get it down to zero in May!

We’re also excited to announce that Ryan is finally on 1st shift. For real this time, guys! Some of you may remember us sharing the same news back in July when he was promoted to Operations Supervisor. Unfortunately the job requirements changed shortly after Ryan moved into that role and the day shift option was taken off the table. So for the past 6 months, we’ve felt pretty grumpy and discouraged. He’s worked 2nd shift (12 pm – 8 pm or later) since we got married and moved to Minnesota three years ago.  It gets old. We’ve been so ready to carpool, have family dinner, attend trivia night, go out on a Friday, and actually talk to each other in person during the week.

Thankfully, after many candid conversations with his managers and some shifts due to company growth, Ryan was able to step down from his supervisor position, move to 1st shift, and become the company’s new Returns Administrator. Monday was his first day working 8 am – 4:30 pm and so far, it’s as great as we hoped. Ryan’s re-energized about the company and his career and we’re both thrilled to start spending more time together.

Ryan said I better brag about myself a bit so I guess I will. I’m doing well at work too and have gotten some nice praise lately in addition to making a few placement bonuses. I’ve been helping management prepare for a conference presentation coming up in May. I’m also heading up our new website redesign project and creating it myself using WordPress. It’s a large undertaking but the end result will be so worth it (and is long overdue!).

In addition to being busy at work and getting our homelife in order, we’ve been making time to have fun as well.

We hosted game night and went to the movies. I met up with some of my blogger pals to celebrate a friend’s birthday. We also attended Ryan’s holiday party which was a blast.

Holiday PartyHis company hosts a grand get together every January to show their appreciation. This year it was held at The Depot Renaissance Hotel downtown Minneapolis and was Great Gastby themed. Hundreds of employees and their guests attended! They had delicious food, a photo booth, hoppin’ dance floor, and a bunch of casino games for entertainment.

It was a great night and a nice way for us to celebrate Ryan’s new role and the beginning of a new chapter for us.

So, that’s what’s been going on around here. Hope you all are doing well!

Cheers to a fantastic February!


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