$ Let’s Talk Money – Part 7: Food for Thought & an Update

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Upon realizing it’s been exactly a year since my last update (oops!), I figured it was time for a little catch up!

As of right now, we have $10,944.54 to pay back in student loans and $11,600 on the car loan.

Over the last twelve months we’ve continued to chip away at the debt.

Sure, a few expenses popped up that set us back a little: dental surgery, passport/supplies for my trip to Europe with my mom, travel & gifts for weddings, etc.

But, for the most part we’ve been able handle whatever comes along thanks to saving / budgeting for both planned and unexpected events.

Paying off debt definitely takes time, but if you keep on it and stay committed – you’ll eventually reach the finish line!

In case you need more motivation (besides how accomplished and free you’ll feel when you see $0!), I find it helpful to follow other people’s pay-off journeys.

A few of my favorites are:

  • Newlyweds on a Budget
    “We may not have a lot, but at least we have each other.”
    They paid off $45K in 45 months…and just bought a house! This blog is chock-full of great info/advice and the comment section is always ripe with insightful discussion.
  • Clueless with Cash
    “Just a girl trying to break up with her debt and become a little less clueless.”
    Real talk from someone who’s riding the roller coaster that is trying to have a life while tackling student loans and credit card debt!
  • Kitty & Kevin
    “Two 20-somethings struggling with mountains of student loan debt.”
    No joke – mountains! They’ve been diligently working to pay down $100K… and they only have $20K left now!
  • Monica on Money
    “Saving, Budgeting, and Frugal Living.”
    Monica’s paid off her mortgage in 5 years, is paying for her Master’s degree with cash, and living frugally in Florida.

So, while it may seem impossible at times, you can get out of a difficult financial situation.

And once you’ve made it, you can start setting new goals to make sure you’re comfortable for the future!


8 thoughts on “$ Let’s Talk Money – Part 7: Food for Thought & an Update

    • Thanks for stopping by! Yes, store credit cards are awful! We’ve limited ourselves to just two (Kohl’s and Amazon), use them only when there are good deals AND when it’s for something we needed to buy anyway, and we pay them off the second the charge appears. Hoping the finance blogs I shared will help you say good bye to your debt for good! :)

    • Thanks, Brittany!! I hope we’re able to rev it up 2015 and really make a big dent.

      Hope you can too with whatever your financial goals are and that those websites provide even more motivation. :)

      On Sun, Dec 28, 2014 at 10:58 PM, Mr.C & Me wrote:


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