✈ Europe | Oxford | Part II

Catch up on our grand European adventure:
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Day 4: We met up with some old friends of Mom’s from her college days and took a walk along the canal and through Port Meadow – where cows and horses roam. We stopped for a morning coffee at the Perch and admired a sweet little church in very small nearby town of Binsey before continuing along the canal and footpath. We lunched at The Trout with its resident peacock and headed back into town to climb up St. Mary’s tower. There we hung out with the gargoyles and took in the 360° view of Oxford before heading back down the small spiral staircase to check out the inside St. Mary’s Church. Finally, we grabbed a treat for our walk back home (a tasty little number called a “dark millionaire”).


| our little walking group heading through Port Meadow and along the canal |


| in the incredibly tiny town of Binsey and The Perch, a historic pub and restaurant |


| the small parish of Binsey – St. Margaret’s Church |


| back on the path, passed the remains of Godstow Nunnery |


| tasty lunch at The Trout – gnocchi (with beef broth, butternut squash and broccoli) and a side of peacock! |


| back in Oxford, heading up St. Mary’s tower to see the view – you have to travel up a tiny spiral staircase and squeeze through the passageway at the top – but it’s worth it! |


| … see, what’d I tell ya? |


| hangin’ with the gargoyles and grotesques |


| taking in the view – boy, we’re up high! |


| Oxford, whatta beauty! |


| we had way too much fun playing in the tower |


| back down on the ground, exploring the church below |


| inside St. Mary’s |


| St. Mary’s details – (top) beautiful wood carvings on the pews, (bottom) floor slabs, some dating back to 1645, but sadly missing their brass (most likely stolen or destroyed) |


| (bottom) the tasty “dark millionaire” dessert I mentioned, (left) Mom’s breakfast quiche, (right) delicious dumplings from a sweet street food vendor |

Day 5: Grabbed a quick breakfast and started on a walk through Iffley via the ancient high walled footpath. Saw lovely thatched roofs along the way and a very neat 12th century Norman church with fantastic carvings and ancient stone decorations. From there we crossed the Lock and strolled along the Thames, past some horses in a meadow ,and headed back into town. Mom sweet talked the gatekeepers at University College into letting us in to see the Shelley Memorial. We finished up our jaunt through town by walking through a pretty garden before heading home for dinner.


| at the beginning of the Iffley walk – the stone reads “here Ifley Hyway 1635 |


| along walk through Iffley |


| Iffley Church – The Church of St. Mary the Virgin –  built c. 1170–80 in the Norman style |


| inside the church |


| aren’t the carvings magnificent? |


| crossed the Iffley Lock to be greeted by these featured friends |


| very happy horses grazing in the sun |


pretty gardens |


finishing up our walk |

Day 6: Packed my bags, bid farewell to Oxford, and flew back to the States where a very happy Mr.C was waiting to welcome me home!




And with that,
my European travelogue has come to an end.

Thanks for following along!

It’s been fun to share these photos and stories with you.

I wish you all many adventures of your own –
be they across the street or across the globe!

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