✈ Europe | London | Part II – WB Harry Potter Studio Tour

Catch up on our grand European adventure:
Rome | Pompeii | Florence Part I | Florence Part II | Paris | Versailles | London | Bath

When planning our trip to London, it was a given that we’d be visiting the Warner Bros. Studio for their Making of Harry Potter tour.

My friend Liz, who is currently in Scotland working on her master’s degree, had planned a weekend trip to London while we were in town and decided to join us.

My mom was Liz’s kindergarten teacher so we’ve known each other and been friends for ages. In a hometown as small as ours you really get to know everyone; it also helped that Liz and I were big into music and drama in high school so we spent lots of time together there and in youth group. It was really neat (and a bit trippy) to be able to connect while both overseas!

That morning, Mom and I met Liz at Watford Junction where we took a shuttle over to the studio and proceeded to geek out for hours!

The London Warner Bros. studio is where all eight of the Harry Potter movies were filmed, so all the original props, sets, costumes, etc. on display for the tour.


| the shuttle, giant chess pieces, Harry’s cupboard under the stairs, an obligatory studio shot, and the actors’ hand molds |


| the Great Hall at Hogwarts |


| costumes, set pieces, wardrobe/makeup, and props |


Gryffindor Dormitory |


| Snape’s Potions Classroom – our favorite! Oh, Alan Rickman… |


| Dumbledore’s Office |
| entrance to the Chamber of Secrets, the Golden Snitch, and the Burrow (Ron Weasley’s house) |
Number Four Privet Drive, Liz trying Butterbeer |
Hogwarts Bridge and the Potters’ Cottage |
| wonderful witches, the Knight Bus, Flying Ford Anglia |
| going behind the scenes at the Creature Effects Workshop – why, hello, screaming mandrake! |
| full-scale models of Aragog, Buckbeck, and a Dementor were also on display |
| the impressive Diagon Alley set |
| The magical and impressive Hogwarts Castle model that was used to create all the exterior shots you see in the films. As you circle the model, the room’s lighting cycles from “day” to “night” – which is gorgeous! |

| playing in the gift shop |

After the studio tour we weren’t quite ready to leave Harry Potter Land, so once we returned to London we made sure to stop by King’s Cross Station to check out Platform 9 3/4.


| St Pancras railway station (next to King’s Cross) and Platform 9 3/4 |

After King’s Cross, we parted ways with Liz and Mom and I headed over to the British Museum. The museum is free to all visitors and houses a vast collection of world art and artifacts.

For dinner, we found a decent Greek restaurant and feasted on our favorite dishes: saganaki, fasolakia, and taramosalata. Yum!

On our way home, we ran across a cheap ticket booth in Leicester Square and scored last-minute, 11th row center seats to Evita!


It was quite the way to end our very fun, eventful day!

Up next… Oxford!


5 thoughts on “✈ Europe | London | Part II – WB Harry Potter Studio Tour

  1. That was so great. Now i really want to go to London myself. Would love to make the Harry Potter Tour myself. Especially around the holiday season it must be a really cool adventure. :)

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