Watching… Weeds on Netflix – got into this a few weeks ago and am almost done with season 5.  Brilliant, funny, and I love the quick + clever dialogue. However, after season 4 it does kinda start to go downhill. But I’ll hang on ‘til Season 8 because I gotta know what happens to my favorite characters!

Reading… just about to start O, Africa! by Andrew Lewis Conn

Listening… “My Body” by Young the Giant

Eating…fresh juicy peaches, crisp grapes and Babybel cheese

Nursing…my first (and only, I’ll make sure of it) sunburn of the season. We just had way too much fun last weekend at Valleyfair. Riding and screaming down the rollercoasters with my friend Jess & her bf totally (and unfortunately) trumped reapplying sunscreen.

Planning…my big trip this fall. Yes! I can finally announce that the mama+daughter trip I hinted at earlier in the year is officially on the books. For the entire month of September, we’ll be traipsing around Europe! After 28 years of teaching, my mom has retired and so we’re off to celebrate all over Rome, Pompeii, Florence, Paris, London, and Oxford! Super lucky that she’s taking me along and it’s been fun (albeit a little stressful) trying to organize everything. If you’ve got any must sees/dos, we’d love to hear ‘em!

Celebrating… turning a quarter century old yesterday. Hotdamn, I’m old! Ha, just kidding. But really, don’t you remember being in HS and people who were 25 were “old”? Probably because their lives were so foreign to us since they had jobs, cars, homes, bills. And now, that’s just the day to day.  And, it’s kind of nice. Sure, you’ll always be dreaming and scheming for something more – but 25 seems solid. You’ve made it, to somewhere at least, and have some footing but there’s still so much out there to enjoy.

Proud… of Mr.C. Like super crazy proud! He just accepted a new job (same great company) as Operations Supervisor. Wooohooo! More money, better hours, not to mention all his underlings and coworkers love him. So if you see Ryan congratulate him or feel free to blow up his phone/Facebook because this promotion has been a long time coming!  Bye bye, 2nd shift – hello family dinners, actually having life on Friday nights, and being able to talk – in person! – during the week.

So that’s me…what’s current with you guys?

Wishing you all a wonderful 4th holiday!

xo – meg


13 thoughts on “currently

  1. Ermuhgerrd. We just recently binge watched every episode of weeds. Love that show!!! It does kind of start to get old…because it’s basically about Nancy sluttin’ it up to get out of trouble and maybe a little heavy on the S&M but I seriously love that show. They really made me care of the characters, so I stuck it out, too. :) lol

    And congrats on the big trip coming up and on Mr. C’s new job!! :))) Yall are moving on up!! You both have so much to be proud of!

    • HA! Yes, I’ve been binge watching too – in the middle of season 6. I totally agree about it getting old since NancyBot TOTALLY sluts it up to get out of the bad situations lol but I’m loving how they develop the characters and the dialogue is always fantastic. Not sure if you guys watch Orange is the New Black but it’s by the same writer!

      Thanks for the congratulations – life has really been good to us lately. Hope it has been for you too! :)

    • oh fantastic! I bet you guys had an amazing time. I’d love to hear about any “off the beaten path” sights/restaurants etc that you guys might have discovered :) My mom’s been a few times but is always looking for something new to explore.

  2. So much awesomeness in this post. First of all I LOVE your new header. So cute. Secondly, so jealous of a month long trip to Europe!! How fun. You are going to have a blast. And lastly, Congrats congrats congrats. I bet you both are excited for ryans new promotion :)

    • aw, thank you! yes, my friends @ BitCat Designs (you can find them on Facebook) created the header – which I love. we are beyyyyyond excited about Ryan’s promotion :) been hoping for this for the last year or so, can’t wait to have family dinners lol And, omigosh, I’m so lucky with the trip to Europe and plan to soak it all in.

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