weekend review

Our last few weekends have been quite busy…


We went geocaching at Big Willow Park in Minnetonka and had a great time hiking the trails, looking for caches, having a balancing contest on the railroad track, and checking out the flooded out path and swelling creek.


We headed back to Illinois to visit our hometown and celebrate with Mr.C’s sister who graduated from high school. So proud of her! It was a nice little family reunion too since Mr.C’s brothers and their families were able to make it down. Our nieces & nephew were quite the handful (ages 3, 2, 1) but also fun to playmates.


And this weekend we just laid low – spying on the deer in our backyard, geocaching at a nearby park, watching movies and devouring books, hitting up a thrift store or two, and having a dinner & game night with N+B.

So, that’s what we’ve been up too. Hopefully you all had a nice long weekend and were able to enjoy this lovely warm weather!

3 thoughts on “weekend review

  1. We’re OBSESSED with geocaching…I’m actually kind bummed we didn’t try this sooner. But, our girls are totally hooked and are both at such a fun age to do this with! We’ll have to go together sometime.

    • No, they’re at the perfect age – sometimes the younger ones get bored looking or sad if it doesn’t contain something fun. Granted that’ll teach ’em patience haha

      And, yes, a group of us should definitely get together and go! Love the thrill of the hunt.

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