weekend review

Last weekend I…

…went shopping with a coworker-friend. Found some cute spring/summer tops at Goodwill and also bought two absolutely comfortable flats at Aerosole – I totally get why people only shop there! Great quality, so comfortable, affordable, and stylish. And no, I’m not getting paid to say that :)

…grabbed groceries at Whole Foods by myself – so much fun wandering the aisle and finding new things to eat that fit into my LEAP plan. Hello quinoa noodles and coconut aminos!

…went out to dinner with Mr.C

…attended the always fun MN Blogger’s Favorite Things Party hosted by Lo and Dawn.

Last year’s was a blast and this year was even better – great food, unique items, and more bloggers in attendance. So nice to see old faces and meet all the newbies!

The premise of the party is simple – we each bring 3 versions of our favorite thing to share, draw names and pick out 3 new favorite things from the collection to take home.

I brought tiny mason jars filled with a coconut oil & sugar scrub I made and I left with a few chocolate bars, a notebook, and a Norwex cloth. I’m especially excited to try my new Norwex as I have friends and coworkers that rave about. (If you’re interested in trying Norwex products, another MN Blogger, the very sweet Bridget, sells them. Shoot her an email to find out more!)




Back: Becky | Becky | Carolyn | Melissa | Diana  | Jameson | Andrea | Jen | Leah | Melissa | Sarah | Lauren | Zhenya

Middle: Robert | Dawn | Jasmine | Katie | Brittany | Syndal | Jenn

Front: Kelly | Me | Lindsey | Krysty (with sweet little Hadley)

(photo credit goes to Robert – check out his amazing photography here)

I had great time and cannot wait for the next meet-up.

Happy Friday and hope you all have a good weekend.


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