Fun + Fitness With Fairlife


The lovely folks at Fairlife hosted an event yesterday to launch their new milk products in the Twin Cities and invited a bunch of us to join in the fun.

It was held at Lifetime Fitness in Eden Prairie (practically my backyard) so of course I had to attend. I also brought Mr.C along to stand in for me as a taste tester.

The co-founder of Fairlife, Sue McCloskey, who is also a wife, mother, fitness enthusiast, and dairy farmer, was there to introduce the product and the inspiration behind it.

Chris Freytag from KARE 11 was also in attendance and led everyone in a 30 minutes HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout. I’m so out of shape that I huffed+puffed my way through but it was definitely great motivation to keep up with my at-home workouts and gave me some new moves to use.

And of course, we also got to test out the product!

Fairlife Milk has 50% more protein, 50% more calcium, and 50% less sugar than ordinary milk. Plus, it’s lactose free! All of this nutrition is added naturally thanks to their unique filtering process.

They had all their milks out to taste – 2% Chocolate, regular 2%, and skim. They also whipped up a few smoothies full of protein to help us recharge after the workout.

Since I’m still in Phase 1 of my LEAP plan I had to forgo tasting at the event and had Mr.C fill in for me. He said: “It was very creamy. The 2% milk felt like whole. The chocolate one was delicious!”

Right now the milk is only available in the Twin Cities and Denver but Fairlife hopes to have their products nationwide soon!

For my Twin Cities peeps – you can pick up Fairlife for yourself at Rainbow, Holiday, Kowalski’s, Lunds & Byerlys, Coborns, Cub, and Knowlan’s Festival.

Fairlife also sweetly sent all attendees home with a Magic Bullet blender, a few quarts of milk, gift card to Lunds & Byerly’s, and smoothie recipes.

When we got home we decided to test out our new blender. It’s so easy to use and we love that you can make just one smoothie at a time! Plus our blender broke a few months ago so this was meant to be.

I made one with Kefir, frozen raspberries, and a few ice cubes.

Mr.C made his with Fairlife’s chocolate milk, frozen strawberries, and ice. Perfect for a quick treat!

Screen shot 2014-03-02 at 11.56.12 AM

Since starting my LEAP journey I’ve become more conscious of what I’m putting into my body, diligent about reading ingredient labels, and actively seeking out more products that embrace sustainability, fair trade, animal comfort, etc.

Fairlife’s motto is “believe in better”. They are a family business committed to being environmentally responsible, treating their cows humanely and with compassion, producing their products in an ethical, efficient, and safe way, and being affordable.  They call it their “from grass to glass® promise.”

One of Fairlife’s major investors is Coca-Cola who hopes to help provide consumers with better, wholesome nutrition options from safe, responsible sources.

Fairlife really wants to help people live healthier, better lives. This aligns exactly with the new mission I have for myself so I’m very glad our paths were able to cross!

Thanks again to Fairlife for inviting me to their event and introducing me to their brand + products.

For more Fairlife visit: Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest

Disclosure: Mr.C & I were provided complimentary products to try and review along with a swag bag for attending the event. All opinions are our own. 

13 thoughts on “Fun + Fitness With Fairlife

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  2. Fairlife is NOT a family owned business they are owned by coca cola. I bought a bottle yesterday. It smells like rotton eggs. I will be returning it imediately.

    • Wow, sorry you had a bad experience! We think their chocolate milk is especially tasty!! I did some research and while you are right that Coca Cola is involved it’s actually a joint venture between Coke and a husband-and-wife entrepreneurial team and dairy farm collective. Still a family-business but it’s growing, with Coca Cola being a major investor. I’ll have to edit my original posting. Thanks for commenting!!

  3. My wife got 2 containers of this recently. We have had it before and thought it was pretty good. However this time First one smelled like rotten eggs. Took it back to the store and got another one. This one also smells like rotten eggs. However it tastes normal. Def something weird going on.

    • That’s so odd!! I haven’t had that happen before. But I’m with you – definitely something very weird occurring. Might be worth giving a shout out to them on social media? So they’re aware and to see if anyone else has had this issue.

    • Same here! Threw out a whole bottle because it smelled like rotten eggs. My husband didn’t realize I had thrown it away and thought it was just drank so he went out and bought another one, that one smelled bad also. So he drinks his Fairlife and I buy a separate gallon for me.and my kids of the original milk I drank for the past 28years of my life 2% milk from meijer lol

  4. Hello,
    My wife has been buying this milk for me for quite a while from Holiday gas station in lindstrom with no issues at all with smell or taste. She has also purchased this milk from Target and WalMart and from both places the milk had a Rotten Egg smell to them. So I went to Holiday and picked up another jug of chocolate and white and both are perfectly great tasting and smell “normal”. I hope they fix it for the big stores, I will be calling their customer service on Monday to inform them.

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