Planning… a trip to Whole Foods so I can start Phase 1 of my LEAP diet (an ImmunoCalm Nutrition Program)

Watching… House of Cards, Season 1. I got Mr.C hooked so we’re rewatching S1 before devouring the new Season 2. I’ve also made a pretty big dent in my Oscars list – I’ve watched all those up for Best Picture so far and a few others.

Listening… to this new playlist I created – perfect for background music at work – wide variety of tunes starting from mellow/indie to more upbeat/rock/folk and ending in happy dance party. Let me know what you think! Also, I love listening to new music so if there’s something you think I absolutely must hear – please share :)

Drinking… kombucha! Still trying to find a flavor I like that isn’t too vinegary but I get the appeal. Tasty and good for ya!

Excited… for Mr.C’s birthday next Tuesday! He’s turning 25 and it is also his golden birthday. We haven’t settled on any plans yet but I’m sure whatever we end up doing will be fun.

Obsessed… with Disney’s “Frozen” soundtrack – it’s like “Wicked” for little kids and yes I know all the words.

Loving… the warm weather lately! It’s been in the 30s almost all week and I could finally walk to work. Of course, last night it snowed a bunch and now it’s supposed to dip back below 15 again for awhile. Ah, February.

Annoyed… with the ice dams forming on our apartment roof. No leaks but there are water spots on our ceiling. The maintenance people keep coming to fix things in the attic and every time they do we have to completely empty the closet where the attic door is. I’m glad our apartment complex takes such good care of us but at the same time it’s becoming a hassle. First world problems I suppose.

Wearing… these camis from Costco and leggings from Kohls. So soft! Throw on a sweater + some boots and you’ve got my weekend / non-work attire.

So that’s me…what’s current with you guys?

Have a good weekend + stay warm!

xo – meg


8 thoughts on “currently

  1. Have you tried the mango madness kombucha? Thats my favorite one. I also like the cranberry one but that is way more vinegary. Also, check out Trader Joes for some things instead of whole foods. I find a lot of stuff there for a lot cheaper….organic produce.

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