$ Let’s Talk Money – Part 6: Food for Thought & an Update

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Here’s an update on what our student loans are lookin’ like lately. We’ve dipped below $25K and have $24,197 left to go.


Food for Thought:

Everyone comes down with a case of “comparisonitis” from time to time. It’s especially difficult when it involves money management and not being able to afford the things you’d like.

Frustration can set it when you daydream about a new home, nice car, or fancy vacation that you know you can’t have. Add to that the fact that your close friend, family member, or co-worker just told you they got [insert your desire/need here]. And to help fuel your lifestyle envy, there’s always reality TV, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Money jealousy can distort your reality and cause you to add extra pressure to yourself.

Although it’s impossible to avoid nowadays and will always be a challenge – this article will hopefully help put your “comparisonitis” into perspective.

Because…“It truly doesn’t matter what the Joneses are doing. Not now, or ever. You need to save where you can, spend where you need, and live a life you want. What’s important is that you spend money in the way that’s most important for you and your family — both for a better, more comfortable today, and for a brighter tomorrow.” – Vincent King, MoneyNing

4 thoughts on “$ Let’s Talk Money – Part 6: Food for Thought & an Update

    • thanks for stopping by! yes, paying off any kind of loan especially the big ones is a long and challenging process. happy for the progress we’re making (down to $24K from $43K) but our car just bit the dust and we had to buy a new on…which means adding $14K back on to our debt payoff. whatta cycle! wishing you all the best with your payoff though! – it’ll be so worth it in the end when you see it at 0.

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