weekend review

This weekend Mr.C & I…


spent all of Saturday at ValleyFair, a local amusement park.

Mr.C’s work decided to host a company outing there which was perfect since we’d never been. We had an absolute blast to say the least and rode a bunch of rides – some even twice! The “Wild Thing” roller coaster and “Extreme Swing” were our favorites.

Later that evening we went out to dinner at Redstone to celebrate our wedding anniversary that’s coming up on Tuesday. 2 years already! Can you believe it?!

(For a trip down memory lane – you can relive our wedding day, read the written ceremony, or see how spent our anniversary last year.)


Sunday we spent the afternoon at Jen & Ryguy’s watching the Bears beat the Vikings (sorry Minnesota fans). It was fun hanging out with them, playing the their dog Dexter, and munching on Chef Ryguy’s tasty BBQ + spinach artichoke dip.

Afterward we grabbed groceries & new memory foam pillows at Costco (love that place), caught up on TV, and just spent time together. Mr.C  worked 54 hrs this last week and got home at midnight a few nights, so we’ve really missed each other.

Glad we were able to have such a fun weekend together! Hope you all had a great one too!

xo, meg

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9 thoughts on “weekend review

    • it was so fun! I love amusement parks / rollercoasters…but even I could tell I’m getting older and a fear of heights is kicking in – I could not do the giant drop ones at all! Eeek – too scary for me :)

  1. Again, Happy Anniversary. Sounds like a fun weekend. I fossiled all day in Wisconsin- perfect weather, at last, then graded papers for hours Sunday.

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