weekend review

This weekend Mr.C & I…

enjoyed a nice long holiday weekend and hope you did too!

We started our vacation Wednesday afternoon when we made the trip down to our hometown in Illinois.

Thursday morning I spent time chatting with my grandma while helping her in the house and garden. Then Mr.C made us lunch – homemade grilled cheese.

Picture 2

Thursday evening we were supposed to see my sisters-in-law play their first volleyball game of the season but it was cancelled due to the heat. So we went to dinner with my family instead, attended a visitation for a high school classmate of ours that passed away recently, and finished off the night watching American Ninja Warrior and eat ice cream with a our group of close pals who still live in the area.

miss you guys!

miss you guys! (photo taken last fall)

Friday morning I met up with my grandma again collect some old documents that will help me get started as I put together my family tree.

Friday afternoon we packed up and carpooled down to central Indiana with Mr.C’s family. The town we went to hosts a Little Italy Festival every Labor Day Weekend and is also where Mr.C grew up.  Once we arrived, we did a quick walk through of the festival, spent a little time with Mr.C’s brother+fam, then ate late dinner at IHOP with our friends S+B (you may remember them from this post and because B was Mr.C’s best man while lovely S made our wedding cake).

Picture 5

left: our darling niece  right: us w/ S+B at our wedding 2 years ago

left: our darling niece
right: us w/ S+B at our wedding 2 years ago

Saturday morning we played with “the babies” (our niece and nephew) and visited the Little Italy festival  again to pick up Sati Babis (pork butt skewers marinated in a savory blend of spices) and rosettes (powder sugar covered cookies that are like small, more delicate funnel cakes).

Picture 7

Saturday afternoon we drove out to visit Mr.C’s grandma. A lot of Mr.C’s aunts/uncles/cousins were visiting too so it was nice to catch up with them  and spend a few hours playing euchre (a favorite family pastime).


with Mr.C’s Aunt L

Saturday evening we met up with our friends S+B again for game night. On the drive over to their place a storm rolled in and knocked out power for the whole town. There was quite a lightning show and a few downed limbs but nothing too serious. After game night we headed back to the Little Italy fest and stayed up way too late at the Wine Gardens with Mr.C’s parents & older siblings.

Picture 1

Sunday morning we slept in and awoke to a large breakfast made by Mr.C’s brother (delicious!). Then we headed back out to Mr.C’s grandma’s to play a few more rounds of euchre and say goodbye to his relatives.

Sunday evening we ate a great Italian Feast at Mr.C’s step-grandparents before making one last trip to the Wine Gardens.

Picture 3

Monday morning we were up early to get DQ breakfast. Yeah, Dairy Queens in Indiana apparently serve breakfast and it’s Mr.C’s tradition to go there at least once every trip to get biscuits and gravy. After breakfast we packed up, said goodbye to everyone else, and booked it back to Illinois. After a quick breather in IL we jumped back in the car and drove back home to MN, only stopping once for dinner at Doughy Joey’s Peetza Joynt in Waterloo, IA.  It was quite tasty, deep dish Chicago style… and Mr.C already made me promise that we’d stop there on our next trip through.


 So there you have it – our whirlwind Labor Day weekend!

It was so busy but so fun and very nice to be able to attend the Little Italy Festival again – the last time we went was back in college.


2010 visit

 But after this last trip, without a doubt, Mr.C & I are already missing:

…. the intense games of euchre and smack talk at Mr.C’s grandma’s

…seeing S+B in the flesh after almost 2 yrs

…hanging out with all of Mr.C’s siblings

…eating Sati Babis – seriously amazing, we plan to try + recreate them at home

…watching our nephew zoom around the house and bring everyone their shoes when it’s time to leave

…watching our 1-year-old niece toddle around and then getting suckered in, by sad baby cries + flapping hands, to aid in the escape from her cage crib post-nap

memories – so bittersweet

but like one of my favorite songs says….

“because it makes no difference where we are, we’ll never be far apart.

take my word, rest assured, you’ll be on my mind and in my heart”

Plus after 5 days away, I have admit it’s good to be home. :)

Hope you all had a good weekend!  

xo, meg

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