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This week I…

attended a MN Blogger meet-up at Maynards where we beat the heat with cocktails + lots of laughs. adore these ladies, thankful for this little internet community, and a big welcome to the newbies!

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had a two & a half hour gab fest with one of my best gal pal, E. it always amazes me how we can not talk for months yet pick up right where we left off.

friends since kindergarten – she’s my rock and biggest cheerleader – sweet, funny, and like a sister, only better. really glad it get to grow old with this one. whatta gem.

Picture 1

listened to “Pompeii” by Bastille on repeat. love the vocals, great beat –  listen to the full album here

received some new leads for Mr.C’s genealogy “project” so that was exciting! frustrating  at times but having fun tracking new names and dates down.  really need to start working on my own…hint hint, any family want to do this for my Christmas gift this year :)

saw Lee Daniels’ “The Butler’ – it was good, interesting historically, but not a super accurate depiction of the guy’s life that this movie was based on. questionable acting at times from some of the people *cough*Oprah*cough* but i still liked it. plus they showed previews for about 5 movies that are right up my alley! can’t wait for more theater time.

Hope you all have a good weekend!

✌ xo, meg

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