weekend review

This weekend Mr.C & I…

…spent Saturday with our couple finds N+B. We grilled out, went to Sebastian Joe’s for ice cream, and played pong, bags, & Life. It was great catching up with them again after the holiday and we’re already plotting our next shenanigans.

Picture 2

…spent Sunday at the fairgrounds with Jess, Lo, and their husbands for the Twin Cities Color Run also known as the Happiest 5k. Despite the heat we had a great time prancing around in all the colored dust – heck we even jogged a little!

Picture 5

When we moved to the big city almost two years ago I was nervous about ‘o so many things  – money, jobs, grad school, newlywed life. Everything was big and new and exciting and a little bit scary.

I also really wondered how you go about making friends as an adult with no communal showers, stupid class projects, or dorm cafeterias to force you together. But now I know the secret.

If you blog it they will come.

They’ll embrace you for who you are, appreciate your over-sharing, wait as you Instagram your dinner because (duh) they’re doing the same thing, and invite you on fun adventures.

I couldn’t agree more with Lo about the fact that it’s so cool that so many of us have been able to connect over this little hobby of ours. Very thankful for all the wonderful people I have meet through the internetz + the MN Bloggers group. Life wouldn’t be nearly as exciting or dare I say, colorful, without you ladies! ;)

Picture 8

Really looking forward to next year’s race and hope to see many more familiar faces!

Picture 10

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend & that this upcoming week is just as great!

I’ll be only working two days this week since Mr.C & I will be heading down to the Windy City for a wedding + short visit with family. Should be a fun time – so look forward to that recap later next week. :)

xo, meg

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11 thoughts on “weekend review

    • I think that’s going definitely happen!! IT was the first 5k for a lot of us so we weren’t organized and didn’t even know ’til after how many MN Bloggers actually went. But next year for sure!

  1. This blogging community is absolutely amazing, and unless you’re a blogger yourself, you’ll never understand it. :) I am blessed with the friendships I’ve made! :) Can we PLEASE do the color run together next year????

  2. I’m jealous of the grillin out you folks did.

    Stop being so damn busy on the weekend so we can hang out more.

    I agree with Dawn’s comment about if you don’t blog you won’t understand the friendships and such. So glad we’ve become so close boob!

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