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This week I…

went on fun boat cruise out on Lake Minnetonka with the folks in my office. Despite a major thunderstorm that morning it was a gorgeous evening filled with delicious food, a cool breeze, and plenty of laughs.

Picture 9

wore a braided hairstyle practically every day. What can I say I’m obsessed! On the left is my first attempt at a four-strand known as the Sailor’s Sweetheart and on the right is my favorite – the Fishtail.

Picture 8

spotted this little cutie (along with a bunny) on one of my walks

Picture 10

had a great girls night out with Katie and Jen at Redstone – drinks (lemon drop) and dinner (jerk chicken fondue) followed by shenanigans at the E.P. mall since we’re clearly just a bunch of teenagers

Picture 5

realized that (holycrap)The Color Run is this freakin’ Sunday! Needless to say I’m not at all in shape to run a 5K so I plan to walk that bad boy+ come out covered in as much colored powder as possible. It’s sure to be a blast since I’ll be working it out with the rest of the “we totes bloggers” team: Jen, Lo, and Jess.

Picture 11

Other fun plans for this weekend include finally catching up with our pals N+B (we’ll hit the beach before grilling out & game night) and watching more episodes of Dexter – we’re now in the 7th season and will soon be all caught up with the current (and finale) season #8.

Hope you all have a good weekend!

✌ xo, meg


3 thoughts on “H54F

  1. Looks like an awesome week! I love your braided style. I wish my hair was long enough to do that…but I’m impatient for it to grow so I keep chopping it off!

    Have a blast at the color run!

    • Jen – thanks for stopping by! It definitely was a great week. You can do the fishtail on small sections/bangs too. I’m also known for my impatience but hating to style my hair when it’s short totally trumps that which is why my long locks will be with me for quite a while. Have a good weekend!

      On Fri, Jul 12, 2013 at 1:14 PM, Mr.C & Me

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