weekend review

This weekend Mr.C & I…

…started Season 3 of Dexter

…made creamy chicken&noodles

…ran errands, got groceries, and found a nice outfit for Mr.C to wear to upcoming events/weddings

…had a fun double date lunch at Red Cow with Ry-guy + Jen (you can follow their adventures at Dexter Morgan’s Mama).

The menu is full of delicious options – we were just sorry we couldn’t try it all! Mr.C ended up going with the Breakfast Burger (angus burger, peanut butter, over-easy egg, bacon & cheddar on sourdough) while I had beer cheese soup with a freshly baked pretzel on the side. Our waitress was kind enough to bring us a small cup of their caramel-bacon puffcorn to taste too! Fun Tip: sign up for Red Cow’s free eclub and get a $10 off coupon

Picture 14

…rounded out the weekend with game night at N+B’s apartment. We played Euchre, Blitz, Cards Against Humanity, and Spoons (but with pencils instead). It was a lot of fun and instead of our usual foursome another couple, who are staying with N+B for the month, joined us. The lady half of the new couple that joined us is from Japan so although that made some of the word-based games a bit complicated – we had a good time, lots of laughs, & even learned how to write “book” is Japanese!

Picture 16

All ‘n all – a quite successful weekend I’d say,

hope you all had a great one!

xo, meg

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14 thoughts on “weekend review

  1. Red Cow is soooooo good! I’ve had the salmon burger and the BBQ burger and I need to try others. As a bonus, my parents live like a block from there (that’s where I grew up).

    • Definitely good! :) You can play spoons with practically anything you have on hand which is great. plus, for a new twist, play ultimate spoons (where you put the spoons objects, say on the other side of the room and you all have to mad dash & wrestle to get ’em lol)

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