weekend review

This past weekend Mr.C & I…

had dinner and game night with N+B in their new apartment, bummed around the house watching Dexter (we’re in Season 2) and Arrested Development (season 4), and went geocaching.

The park we went to had four caches, with the first 3 having clues that would lead us to the 4th.

It was a gorgeous day to be out!


Loving the variety of trails – through the woods + over the marshes


Still on the hunt…


Is it hiding in there?!

No…tricky tricky….

We did eventually find two of the 4.

(I won’t post pictures though because caches are to be kept secret so the fun can continue for other seekers!)

Our plan is to head back next weekend to find the remaining caches. We would have continued if wasn’t for an afternoon thunderstorm that forced us to rush back to the car. From there we sped off toward home, made a wrong turn, and ended up down a dirt road.

Luckily, the road spit us out just south of town right next to Lions Tap – the perfect spot for a spontaneous lunch!


So that was our weekend!

Hope you all are having a good week.

xo, meg

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