weekend review: memorial day ’13

Mr.C & I went back to Illinois to spend the long holiday weekend with family + friends:


Mr.C spent the morning with his family while I met up with my mom+gma and friends, E + Kt, for brunch at Mayfest. It was nice to see some familiar faces and indulge in a delicious pork sandwich with pie for dessert. After that Kt, E, and I zipped over to Clinton to visit my gpa, do a little shopping, and get a second ear piercing. It was nice to spend some quality time with my ladies, especially since I hadn’t seen Kt in 2 years.


Later we met up with Mr.C and more old friends from high school & college for dinner at La Feria, our favorite mexican restaurant (they make the best queso!). From there a bunch of us headed back to Mr.C’s house to hangout and play Beersbee/Bottle Bash.



Before Kt had to head back home, mom and I took her out for breakfast and a little geocaching. We searched for 4 caches but only found one (and a lot of poison ivy).


After saying goodbye to Kt (don’t worry, we’ll see her again this June on her wedding day!!) – I bummed around my house and Mr.C’s, just relaxing and enjoying home.


That night we kept it chill with an evening of pizza and Just Dance 4.



On Memorial Day we stuck with tradition – going downtown to the courthouse for a quick wreath ceremony and then up to the cemetery to lay down flowers for friends and veterans.


After lunch we headed to my gma’s house for a few rousing rounds of euchre…


before gathering for our last night with friends + family.


You can never go wrong with a bonfire.


Whatta weekend!


xo, meg

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