Center Stage: A Proposal Story

It was 2 years ago today that Mr.C asked me to marry him.

After realizing this story had never been shared on the blog, I figured what better perfect timing than now?

So without further ado….

Picture 5

June 2, 2010

(as remembered by Mr.C & Me sometime back in 2011)

Megan’s version

It was the start of the summer and I was working at Timber Lake Playhouse as Box Office Manager. This particular Wednesday happened to be the opening night of the first show of the season, CHICAGO. After the curtain speech, and right before the opening number, I was called up on stage. I headed down the stairs, figuring it was just a work thing – maybe an introduction or something. The Magic Owl, TLP’s mascot, was on stage and attempted to distract me… but I saw him. Ryan.

Out of the corner of my eye, I watched him sneaking out from backstage, clad in his favorite tuxedo t-shirt. Then, down on one knee, in a few simple words, he asked me to marry him. Emotions rushed in and I remember tearing up, giggling nervously, and smiling; simultaneously. As for the moment, it seemed to freeze and fly by, all at the same time. And of course I said yes! (Or at least nodded it – I don’t quite remember!) It was such a surprise! The cherry on top: Ryan and I were congratulated not only by applause but a standing ovation.

And yes, the ring is to die for! Ryan did a fabulous job designing it – it is gorgeous – and I love it… even though I would have said yes had it been made of tin foil – or even nothing at all!


Ryan’s version

Let’s see, where to start? How about the middle? I was driving to Timber Lake with “the ring” in my pocket. I had already set everything up. Got in touch with people from Timber Lake, got the plan down on where to be and park so Megan couldn’t see me, and I had set it up with her boss on how to get her on stage then out of the work place after I was done. I parked in the woods, walked to the back of the building, avoiding the front where Megan was, and was hanging out back where the band, actors, and actresses were. Everyone was saying, “Oh, this is the guy who’s proposing!” plus I got plenty of “awww” and “let me see the ring.”

Then it was time for the show… and then CHICAGO after that (insert laugh). It seemed like forever before the people who were giving their opening night speeches were done talking, then it was time to get Megan on stage. They told her to come down and were saying that they had something for her. Psshhh it was me who had something for her! LOL.

Then when she was on stage I came out from backstage behind the curtains and as some people in the crowd were figuring out what was going on, I heard a few “oooohs”. Then I grabbed her hands, got down on one knee, most of the crowd now knew what was going on and gave us a little aww, then I asked, she said yes, and we got a standing ovation as we walked out the door.


xo, meg


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