See Meg. See Meg Eat. See Meg Eat See’s Candies!


The Minnesota Bloggers Group I am a part of was invited to a private party tonight to celebrate the grand opening of a See’s Candies shop in Edina’s Southdale Mall.

There were samples galore, sweet swag bags, a quick history lesson about See’s, and we even got to try our hand at packing a box of chocolates (⇠ much more difficult than you’d think)!

And while their candies don’t whistle like Toot Sweets in “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”, they will sure put a smile on any sweet lover’s face!

Picture 5

A few fun facts about See’s Candies:

– was founded by Charles See, his wife Florence, and his mother Mary in California in 1921

– the black and white shop design was made to resemble Mary’s home kitchen

– they used motorcycles + cars (like in the picture above) to deliver their candies back in the day

– on June 20, 2012, See’s made it into the Guinness Book of World Records when they constructed the world’s largest lollipop (weighing 7,003 lbs, standing nearly 6 ft, & a length of 4 foot 8.75 inches)

– Lucille Ball and Vivian Vance trained & filmed at a See’s factory for the famous candy assembly line scene in “I Love Lucy.”


My favorite chocolate of the night was their lemon truffle. Rich, smooth truffle center of white chocolate and lemon covered in dark chocolate and decorated with white chocolate lace. Mmm mmm mmm!!

Picture 6

I had a great time learning about See’s, tasting their goodies, trying to fit 12 chocolates in a tiny box (so tough!) and seeing my blogger pals.


Thanks for hosting us See’s Candies and best of luck with your latest store!

xo, meg

17 thoughts on “See Meg. See Meg Eat. See Meg Eat See’s Candies!

    • haha i figured i owe the people something to tide them over. still haven’t posted my memorial day weekend recap! eekz.

      anyway, can’t wait to read your recap & it was great to see you too. really appreciate the ride and can’t wait to hangout more once you’re in on this side of town ;)

    • haha it’s called not having a life ;) jk, i needed to post so i didn’t forget, plus i owe “my fans” a post since i’m so behind on my memorial day one.

      such a great night! always nice to see everyone

  1. Such a fun night, glad you could join us all, Meg! I took all of my candies to my office today and posted a note that said, “help yourselves” I just noticed that my father-in-law nabbed THE WHOLE wrapped sampler box and now I’m kiiiiiiiiiind of regretting not opening it and checking out a few of the chocolates ;-) Guess it’s not THAT bad knowing that I can just stop in and try out any chocolate I want going forward haha!

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