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The year was 2010.

It was the spring semester of my junior year and I was studying at the Winthrop University in South Carolina (with my good friend Kt) as part of a National Student Exchange program. We tried to see as much as we could while we were down there – so one Saturday we did day trip down to Georgia.

Kt’s family has this tradition of keeping a notebook while traveling and writing down the fun things that happen. Below is the record of our trip to the Peach State.

I thought this was perfect for this Throwback Thursday because I’ll be seeing Kt this weekend actually! It’s a long over-due reunion. We haven’t seen each other in 2 years.

Enjoy! There are definitely some classic Megan & Kt quotes in there.


Georgia Roadtrip

Composed by: Katie and Megan

Contents: one-day, there and back roadtrip to Georgia with stops at Andersonville National Historic site and Ocmulgee National Monument

Duration: too many hours

Departure: Way too freaking early (6:45am)

Return: After dark (approximately 9pm-ish)

And it begins…

(Recorded by Katie)

Approximately 7:45 am – a dead dog was seen on the side of road outside of Columbia, SC. A huge one according to Megan. Luckily I was looking the other way.

Food consumed thus far: Mustard Pretzels and some granola bar things.

Quotes from Megan, the driver: “This car smells like mustard.” “She wears a pink wig. I think you would remember.” “These houses are getting trashier and trashier on this side. I feel a Confederate flag coming up.”

8:08 am – gang of men with weed eaters were spotted. Reminded me of movie, Book of Eli. Where are you Denzel?

More quotes from Megan: “That looks like a big hippo” (reality: a water truck hiding in some grass) “Wire road sounds scary”

8:15 am – Goldn Chess truck was spotted and our plan to take it over was unsuccessfully attempted.

Quotes from Megan: “We should become burglars of grocery semis.” “We just need like a big grappling hook… like a fishing rod for trucks.”

8:30 am – Pepsi truck spotted

8:31 am – Road kill chicken? Or a plastic bag?

8:36 am – Entered Georgia, the state not the country.


First impressions: We have entered the fast food wasteland of the country. Just driving into the state added 5 lbs to our stomachs.

8:43 am – Coke truck spotted

8:52 am – Katie snorted while trying to get her phone dislodged from her seat.

9:28 am – Katie: I just looked at the map and realized Megan had lied about the time duration. Dear God, what have I gotten myself into? We might as well drive to England.

10:16 am – Middle of no where. Our stomachs are growling and we are ready for our first stop. We could use gas and we also need to refuel our tummies. We are once again stuck behind a frustratingly slow vehicle. Bojangles – where are you?!

10:22 am – Food, Fuel, and Fee (aka Pee) stop needed ASAP

10:27 am – Entered Gray, GA, or Gary according to Megan. Lack of food has caused her reading comprehension skills to falter. No turn on red turned into no turn ever. Luckily it was straightened out before any U-turns had to be made.

10:31 am – Megan hallucinated a Bojangles out of the Walgreens sign. Sadly, no food for our tummies yet.

10:37 am – Megan broke into uncontrollable giggles for no reason. I am a little scared that she might pass out from hunger. Quote: “My tummy is so empty, I don’t have anything to rumble around in it!”

10:43 am – spotted a homeless man with a red basket wagon full of clothing

11:00 am- Finally stopped for much needed food. We don’t know where yet, where Tanya (Katie’s trusty car) leads, we will follow. Stopping to fill up the gas tank at a BP. Apparently Tanya is hungrier than us. Next stop food for our tums then back on the road for the final hour.

(Recorded by Megan)

11:42 am – Brunch at Wendy’s! Delish. Back on the road again. Katie’s driving and banished me to co-captain saying that I need to “compose” myself. Had a slight attack of unending giggles at Wendy’s.

11:45 am – cotton fields have been sighted

11:48 am – strange man peered at us. If he turned his head any more around it would’ve twisted off. We’ve been driving for 4 hours and 45 minutes. Gah. I have the urge to tell Katie that I have to pee already, just for funsies, but I am afraid she’ll backhand me. Haha.

11:59 am – spotted a “Badcock”… the furniture store you pervs!

12:01 pm – saw a sign for “Bush Hogging”…what the heck is that?!

12:02 pm – saw a big steep hill/cliff. Quote from Megan: “that’ll be hard to drive your livestock up.”

12:20 pm – saw what we can only assume to be a dead/road-killed wild pig/boar/hog. Will return to investigate later.

12:30-1:40 pm – Out of the car. Exploring, learning about, and taking pictures at the Andersonville National Historic Site. It is also known as Camp Sumter or Andersonville Prison and was one of the largest Confederate military prisons during the Civil War. Built in late 1864, it existed for 14 months. More than 45,000 Union soldiers were confined in the stockade. 13,000 of them died. Today the site serves as a memorial to all American prisoners of war and a National Cemetery. 



1:40 pm – saw a scantily clad woman wandering on the side of the highway. then saw and confirmed that what else we saw was indeed a dead wild pig.

2:00 pm – took a foray from our usual tune-age. figured listening to country music was appropriate and a little gospel too. “Down by the river to pray” anyone?

2:15 pm – saw a horrible car accident off the freeway. the car was wrapped around a tree. being thankful that we’re safe and alive.

2:18 pm – were cheered up by a cute brown dog riding with its head out of the backseat of car with its ears flapping in the wind.

2:25 pm – “I’ll be working there part time!” as stated by Katie after seeing a sign for “Strippers. Need we say more? Truckers Welcome. Open at Noon.”

2:37 pm – Quote from Katie: “Why’s the speed limit 55?! It’s constricting my lead foot!”

2:41 pm – After seeing 3 people pulled over by the cops, the 4th proved the best with one young, blonde man in handcuffs resting on the guardrail. Definitely not his day.

2:42 pm – spotted Atlanta traffic of death in the opposite lane.

2:45 pm – Katie discusses the many intimate times she spends smelling her own arm. She says it’s to soak in her perfume… uh huh…. totally….

3:00 pm Stop and spend time at the Ocmulgee National Monument. We hiked around the premises, checked out the old mounds, walked on top of the burial/funeral mound, and even went inside a mound known as the Earth Lodge. 

4:42 pm – Back on the road. We contemplate asking an empty log hauling truck to put us on its bed and drive us the rest of the way home so we can nap.


4:46 pm – Katie educates me on pork rinds – “you deep fry pig skin and it puffs up to a Cheeto like consistency and tastes salty and a little like pig”

4:47 pm – Katie yells “coo-coo!” at every field of cows we pass.

4:59 pm – passed “Rooty Creek” and it just struck us as humorous

5:09 pm – I saw a sign and though it said “twice as nice” ice machine.. it said “twice the ice”. hah

(Recorded by Katie)

5:42 pm – ponder baby name choices and realize that not a lot goes perfectly with Kaufman. We like Kashi Kaufman and Kimberton Kaufman with the nickname Kimmy for male or perhaps Kappy.

5:54 pm – XXX Material censored for little eyes. Deals with “Krystal” and “Peaches” as professional “dancers”

6:06 pm – arrived at Taco Bell. still pondering names – Kool Aid Kaufman? Axeton Diesel Carty?

6:27 pm – back on the road, heading home

7:08 pm – Megan realizes that Suit Up Carty is the best name ever. “Suit Up, it’s your birthday”, “Hey, Suit Up, it’s time for dinner!”


7:11 pm – pass by “scary” Wire Road again

7:43 pm – still talking about hilarious baby names. stealing ideas from every sign we pass and random everyday objects. much alliteration going on in here.

7:50 pm – Katie lost her phone again

7:53 pm – Katie and Megan both lost their dinners when they spotted an Abstinence only billboard

8:03 pm – Played “Shut Down” by Pitbull – apparently our theme song for the trip

8:10 pm – Gawked at by male passengers in a Cadillac Escalade

9-something pm: Arrived back in Rock Hill, SC… exhausted

Roadtrip over and out.

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