weekend review

This weekend Mr.C & I…


…went to the Como Park Zoo & Conservatory – we’d never been so we had a nice time. The giraffes were gorgeous, the lions were sleepy, there was a bonsai tree exhibit, oh and a very sweet sloth (and yes, we were singing this entire time!)


…enjoyed the warm spring weather while dodging multiple thunderstorms

…stopped for ice cream at the Grand Ole Creamery in St. Paul

…met up with Mr.C’s Uncle/my boss to see the new Star Trek movie

…finished Season 6 of Big Bang and started on Dexter (we’re hooked!)


So that’s what’s been happenin’ here. Hope you all had a lovely weekend & that this upcoming week is just as great!

xo, meg

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6 thoughts on “weekend review

    • same here :) since finishing big bang we needed another show we could “binge-watch” and Dexter came highly recommended by so many people. we’re lovin’ it

      p.s. thanks for stopping by!

  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend to me! We really, really want to start watching Dexter b ut we just haven’t. Maybe this summer!

    (new follower- found your cute little blog through This Weekend I)

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