throwback thursday

saw this link-up floating around and thought it’d be fun to try!

It was around this same time two years ago that I graduated college. Two years people! Time is flyin’ for sure. And it’s clear that my alma mater has taken this into account because they just informed me that they will no longer be supporting my .edu email address. So when I logged into to clear out my inbox and transfer anything worth saving what should I find but my user information from my first blog, “xo, meg”.

So for Throwback Thursday I thought I’d treat you to my first ever blog post.

Granted, I was “blogging” and being artsy over on wayyyyy before this but I’d have to say this would probably be considered my first “official” blog.

Oh, and it lasted all of 5 months. Yeah…

Anyway, enjoy!

Dear Everyone (or probably just my mom!),

Hey there! and Welcome.

So, yes, this is it – the first post on my first blog. Please be gentle! [that’s not what your mother said last night Trebek…ha, gotta love SNL]. Okay, I get it, bad humor! But don’t hold it against me – it’s late, my stomach is yelling through a megaphone for a Taco Bell fix, and I’m mere weeks away from college finals and apparently all my profs lost their library cards and thought it would be fun if my classmates and I wrote them a few novels instead.

Of course, the best remedy for this is…you guessed it…procrastination. So here I am, jumping on the blog band wagon, though with my big mouth I’m sure some of you are surprised I didn’t start one sooner! Ha.

Anyway, this whole idea came about when I was forced to start writing a journal about my daily life while away on an exchange program during my junior year of college. It was just a way to update family and friends (or fan club as I lovingly call them) and get credit for being involved in the exchange program. However, said fan club loved the updates so much I figured why deny them my greatness?

And thus “xo, meg” was born.

Ha! Whatta nerd…

I mean, I was clearly pretty awesome back then! ;)

Picture 2

xo, meg


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