weekend review

This weekend Mr.C & I…

…caught up on The Office, Community, Big Bang, and also watched the Jackie Robinson movie “42”

…treated ourselves to Chipotle & dropped off a bunch of donations to Goodwill (hurray – spring cleaning)

…went geocaching – we only found 1 cache this time but had fun tromping through the woods anyway

Picture 6

below: at the Riley Creek Conservation area/trail in E.P.

Picture 7

…took lots of silly pictures – classic Cartys

Picture 5

…had our couple friends, N+B, over for drinks and a rousing game of Cards Against Humanity (it’s so awesome!)

Picture 2

…whipped up homemade crepes and bacon for breakfast (our night of fun with N+B ran late so they slept over)

…finally got around to replacing Mr.C’s wedding band (you’ll remember his original tungsten one busted when it slipped off his finger while playing basketball and broke into pieces when it hit the concrete flooring)

… and picked up this turquoise beauty at Ikea to use as a cute bar cart

Picture 8

So that’s what we’ve been up to. Hope you all had a lovely weekend & that this upcoming week is just as great!

xo, meg

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11 thoughts on “weekend review

  1. Firstly, LOVE Cards Against Humanity. Probably more than I should.

    Secondly, I love that teal cart! it’s so darn cute and doesn’t look like traditional IKEA, which I love!

    • right?! this was our first time playing Cards Against Humanity and it had us laughing so hard. but like you said – probably more than we should ;) ha – love it!

      we are in love with our little teal cart (it came in gray too) – was kinda a b*tch to put together but so worth it – if we ever tire of it as a “bar” – it’s perfect for art supplies, kitchen stuff, baby stuff, etc. love versatile pieces!!

      On Mon, May 6, 2013 at 9:18 AM, Mr.C & Me

  2. Ok, humor me, Meg – LOL What in the world is geo caching?? I was telling my dad the other day that a fellow blog friend goes geo caching – I thought it was something ‘bird’ related, but he had never heard of it. I could google it, but prefer to hear it from you. ha!

  3. I have heard Cards Against Humanity is awesome. I will need to get a game night together so I have an excuse to play! And I love (!) that bar cart. I’m actually going to Ikea tomorrow and was wondering if that cart comes in any other colors. It is perfect for bar stuff!

    • it is so awesome! :) very “inappropriate” to some crowds but oh so much fun.

      the cart (i’d love to own like 3!) comes in the turquoise/teal that we bought and then in gray. if you get one I’d love to see pictures!

      p.s thanks for stopping by and following Jen!

  4. You guys always have fun hiking/geocaching adventures. AND you’re always playing fun games!

    Those crepes look so yummy. I need to try and make some one of these days.

    • haha what can we say we love a good game & to have fun … and geocaching is a bit of a game too. so i guess we’re just game-iacs ;)

      the crepes were sooooo good! and super easy. and made perfect leftovers too.

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