This week I…

1…started a new hydration plan. I’ll admit I’m the worst when it comes to drinking enough water (or any liquid for that matter) so I decided to challenge myself. Picked up this cute bottle at Target as motivation and guys I am killing it!! My goal was to drink one full bottle from when I wake up until noon, then another full bottle from noon to 5, then finishes another full bottle by bed. I’ve been doing that and then some. I’m a water drinking fiend! I obsession+love for the silicone straw and the fact that my water stays cold for hours helps me consume the amount water I need to stay healthy & hydrated.

2…have been playing Words with Friends a lot and was super stoked to score 108 pts for the word “Zeps”.

3…stared in disbelief as a Thursday’s weather brought rain then sleet then snow for hours. It’s flippin’ April!

4…skyped for 2+ hours with one of my besties! Miss her so much – it was great to catch up. Excited to see E (and everyone else!) next weekend when we visit home.

5…ate so many Kale chips! Delicious and super easy to make: Take the leaves of a bunch of Kale, rip into a smaller pieces, toss in a little olive oil, spread out on a baking sheet, sprinkle with salt, and bake in the oven at 350 degrees for 12 to 15 minutes, until the edges of the leaves are a little brown and curling. 

(sneaking in a #6 here…Mr.C got off work early one night this week so we cuddling up on the couch to start Season 5 of The Big Bang Theory).

So, that’s my High Five For Friday.

Have a good weekend!

✌ xo, meg

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6 thoughts on “H54F

  1. Last year around this time I went on a water binge. And I actually OD’d on water. Oy. Such an extremist.

    I need to make kale chips. So easy!

  2. Yum! Kale chips! I need to make those again soon.
    108 points on WWF?! Sheesh. I’m very envious.
    I wish I could make all of your snow go away and give you instant spring weather. It snowed a week ago here and it was gross :(

    • 108 is the best I’ve ever done and I doubt it’ll happen again :)

      A lot of our snow has melted already thank goodness – I want spring already! it’s been crazy weather for everyone this year – all the late snow, flooding, tornados.

      P.s. congratulations on your little girl! How exciting!

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