life lately

in the past 10 days since I’ve been MIA from this blog



…neglected blogging & many other computer related activity due to a busted laptop power cord (finally replaced it today!)

…spent 2 hours in my icebox of an apartment while maintenance fixed a broken water pipe and started redoing our rotting deck

Picture 2

…flounced around in my new cat eye glasses from (they have a first pair free program too!)

…painted my toesies for the first time in months, a pretty “sea breeze” color


…started wearing my spring flats in hopes that Mother Nature will get the hint

…played a lot of Angry Birds Star Wars (new Cloud City levels guys!)

…read many free books on my Kindle

…made matzo ball soup


Mr.C & I

…enjoyed a weekend visit from Mr.C’s fam – we had a massive slumber party in our apartment, visited the MOA, gobbled up Bruegger’s bagels, strolled around Lund’s (the fancypants grocery store), ate dinner at Buca di Beppo, grabbed Freeziac fro-yo for dessert , and stayed up far too late playing Blitz and Game of Things!



…started Season 4 of Big Bang (it’s hilarious + addicting)

…have been on a muffin kick lately – so far we’ve made blueberry and orange cranberry with lemon poppy-seed on deck


Upcoming events

Mr.C & I will be going home to Illinois later this month – Mr.C’s going to the Bears Draft Party and I’ll be spending some quality time with friends ‘n fam

Katie, who blogs over at Katers Potaters and is a good friend of my pal JJ, will be coming into town in a week or so and we all have plans to hangout

and I think there might be another Blogger Happy Hour in the works sometime too!


So that’s what’s been happening over here! Looks like some good fun ahead too.

Hope you all are doing well + having a wonderful weekend!

xo, meg

P.S. If you want to catch up with me between blog posts you can find me over here on Instagram & Twitter


8 thoughts on “life lately

    • aw, thanks! I love my new specs. Perfect and light for spring.

      super stoked with the meet up with Katie too! and Blogger HH this Thurs. And your face ;)

      On Tue, Apr 9, 2013 at 1:56 PM, Mr.C & Me

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