weekend review

This weekend…


I went out with JJ & a few other bloggers for a fun-filled Friday night happy hour!


Mr.C & I headed into Minneapolis on Saturday.

We grabbed bagels at Bruegger’s, got an oil change at our favorite Valvoline (on Hennepin), met up with our friends N+B, went geocaching but didn’t find anything(too much snow!), and stopped in to check out Steeple People Thrift Store.


For dinner we decided to try out a new place – Icehouse on Nicollet.

We indulged in fresh-cut fries with a duck gravy dipping sauce, buffalo wings with bleu cheese mousse, crab & taleggio mac ‘n cheese, and beef short rib stroganoff with red wine, mushrooms, and creme fraiche.


We stopped by the Spyhouse to grab coffee, McDonald’s for a $1 sundae, and then holed up in N+B’s apartment until 2am playing Munchkin Zombie- Apocalypse (we combined the two decks!), Euchre, and Blitz.


Sunday we stayed at home.

I lounged in bed reading “State of Wonder” while Mr.C slept in then we both made bacon & blueberry muffins with lemon sugar glaze, finished season 2 of the Big Bang Theory, did laundry, drafted our April budget, watched The Walking Dead, and finished with a dinner of green beans and chicken stuffed with ham & white sharp cheddar. Delicious!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! We definitely did.

Looking forward to the upcoming week and seeing Mr.C’s family for Easter weekend.

xo, meg

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12 thoughts on “weekend review

  1. I wonder how many people blew right by your the April budget comment. When you do a budget correctly, as you are, it does fit right into a fun filled weekend. Great job being intentional!

    • Thanks for stopping by. :) And you are right – it just fits in and becomes a part of daily life, a little blip that keeps us on the right track and keeps us movin’ on to the fun stuff.

    • we missed you too! it was a really fun one, my sides hurt from laughing. but i’m sure we’ll catch you at the next HH or Blogger get together! :)

    • haha my mouth was drooling when I was writing the recap too! :)

      i’d never had duck gravy before but it was soooo delicious. it’s just like turkey gravy or chicken gravy – it even had small flecks of duck meat in it. but it was so rich and salty and scrumptious! and i mean who doesn’t want to dip fries in gravy haha

    • haha well I know a certain Texas blogger that is pretty awesome too ;)

      and you live in Texas b/c it’s nice and cozy this time of year! I love Minnesota but this winter is lasting for-ev-er.

    • Thanks for stopping by!

      HH + the other blogger get togethers are so fun, glad I stumbled into this MN group. :) Maybe you’ll find a similar group closer to you sometime!

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