weekend review

This weekend Mr.C and I…

the weekend

…celebrated St. Patrick’s Day

…had a game night of Euchre and Munchkin Apocalypse with N+B

…started watching Season 2 of The Big Bang Theory

…ordered takeout after watching the cast of Big Bang eat it practically every episode

… inhaled “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn

…went grocery shopping

… and attended a fun MN blogger get together!

A bunch of us met up at Powderhorn Park in Minneapolis for a “Favorite Things Party” organized by Lo and Dawn.

We each brought 3 of our favorite things to share with the group and then, in exchange, we all walked away with 3 new favorite things courtesy of the other bloggers in attendance.

I brought Lindt Chili Chocolate bars as my favorite item and brought home delicious chocolates, lemon lip balm, pens + a notepad, and mascara!

Picture 1

In addition to the favorite things portion, we just chatted, snacked, appointed Channing Tatum as our group mascot, and took wayyy too many pictures (we are bloggers after all!).

 Back Row: Daci / Andrea
Middle Row: Becky / Carolyn / Lauren (Lo) / Kelly B / Dawn / JJ Bridget / Jess / Melissa
Front Row: Brittany / Lindsey / Syndal / Me

I had a great time and cannot wait for the next meet-up.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

xo, meg

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