life lately

in the past 10 days since I’ve been MIA from this blog


…cooked dinner for my blog pal Jen

…bought new makeup for the first time in forever

…had breakfast with my old BNW coworker, fellow bookworm + blogger, J

…went thrifting, scored two cute hoodies, and gazed at forgotten old photographs

…finally started reading “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn for book club next week (it’s our first meeting!)

…began my extra work duties – I’m filling in for 3 months while the office manager is on maternity leave

…signed up for the Twin Cities Color Run in July – I’m be sweating it out for charity with a few other MN bloggers

Mr.C & I

…built a pillow fort on our couch

…ate too many Girl Scout cookies

…watched Season 1 of the Big Bang Theory – we’re hooked!

…went to see “The Great & Powerful Oz” with Jen & her boyfriend

…started planning our summer trips for family visits & friends’ weddings

…haven’t gone geocaching in a while because first it snowed then it rained – we hope to get out again soon

…dumped some more dough into the student loan (paid off two of the smaller loans) -now down to $36,676.45 total!

Upcoming Events

Mr.C’s family will be coming up to visit over Easter weekend – so we’re pretty excited about that

I’ll be attending a MN Blogger get together (Favorite Things Party) this Saturday then next Thursday is Book Club

Mr.C & I plan to catch up with our couple friends, N+B, to hangout and hear about their awesome trip to Hawaii

Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day (maybe, probably, somehow, plus it’ll be our 1.5 yr wedding anniversary – but who’s counting!)


So that’s all the excitement going on around here!

If you want to catch up with me between blog posts you can find me over here on Instagram & Twitter

Hope all’s well with you guys! Have a great rest of your week and an even better weekend.

xo, meg


2 thoughts on “life lately

    • I plan to walk haha but it looked like too much fun to pass up – even in hot July – and a great photo opp.

      On Thu, Mar 14, 2013 at 4:48 PM, Mr.C & Me

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