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This week I…

1. Went to dinner & a movie with my new pal + fellow blogger, Jen, and had a wonderful time. She’s so easy to talk to; plus it’s always nice to hangout with someone else that loves to read and appreciates watches as much TV as I do.

2. Continued my obsession with organic coconut oil. Not only can you cook with it (except I don’t because I don’t like the taste), but you can use it to condition + smooth your hair, instead of lotion for your skin, as moisturizer for your face, among many other things.

3. Took a field trip to downtown Mpls with my boss + a coworker for a quick business meeting then out to lunch at Ike’s. Absolutely delicious food and a great atmosphere!

4. Scored 3 pairs of $19 jeans at Old Navy! My last pair finally ripped and I needed to restock – thankfully I stumbled into Old Navy and discovered that their “Rock Star” style are a perfect fit.

5. After being gone 3 days / 2 nights for a leadership conference in Cedar Rapids, IA, the Mr. is finally back where he belongs. He said he had a good time, learned a lot, but is happy to be home.

So, that’s my High Five For Friday.

Have a good weekend yah’ll!

✌ xo, meg

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